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The Walk Of Shame
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Okay loser this is as far as I'm going with you. What’s wrong? Don’t you know where you are? Exactly! I needed the house free this evening so I could fuck that guy I’ve been telling you about. I bet he can fuck me better than you ever could. You’re pathetic in bed, and that teeny little pin dick is just embarrassing. How do you even call yourself a man? It got me thinking, I needed the house free for the whole night I thought you could make your own way home. That’s right ALL the way home. That’s going to take you so long! I thought I’d make it more interesting too. I’m going to give you a choice, you can either take all those male clothes off and walk home naked, or you could put on this skin tight little dress, these skyscraper heels and this dumb blonde bimbo wig and make your way home. I’m going to remind you, it’s illegal to be walking the streets completely naked. The police are almost certainly going to pick you up and you know what happens in those cells. The weak little bitch always gets preyed upon and there no way I’m bailing you out! It looks like the only sensible option it the slutty dress, right? Just how safe are you going to be in that? Those hung black guys hangout in the dark alleys you need to take to get home. They’re the type of guys that take what they want. You just may end up getting gang fucked by a bunch of BBC’s Now come on little wimp, it’s time to make a choice, I have a date to get to. While you’re getting gangfucked in jail or in the alley just remember I’m getting fucked in our bed by a real man.
Jessie Jensen
22/09/2017 - 11 minutes
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