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V-Day Cuckmiliation
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It's the same every year. You've been all locked up in that chastity device since Christmas and as soon as it starts getting close to Valentine’s day you think there's some hope of a release. I hate breaking your little cuckold heart like this every year - but there's no coming out this V-day either cucky. You're staying all locked up boo-hoo! Cuckold wimps shouldn't be rewarded on the most romantic day of the year. Real men deserve all the fun on V-Day not beta cowards who have their wimp-cocks locked away in chastity. When hot girls like me are out shopping for expensive lingerie, trying on the sexiest outfits and getting our hair and makeup done - do you actually think we're doing all that for a loser like you? No way fucktard - we're doing it for HIM. Your real-man rival who wouldn't EVER allow his cock to be snapped away inside a cock cage. This year - I'm going to give him EVERYTHING he wants - EVERYTHING! He wants me dressed up in my finest lingerie and wearing my expensive perfume. He wants to fuck me in all his favourite positions. He wants me to do all the things I NEVER let you do. And best of all... He wants you to see it all! That's right cuckold - my stud wants you right under the both of us, with your helpless locked up cock straining inside it's device while he takes your girlfriend right on top of you. He wants you to see my face up close as he gets the best V-Day present of his life - fucking your girlfriend right on top of your pathetic cuckold body.
Becky Dee
12/02/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - V-Day Cuckmiliation - #cuckoldhumiliation