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Wanna Be My Subbie-Puppie
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I've always seen my most obedient, devoted worshipers as kinda pets. You blindly follow my orders and submit to me so completely - you're just like a puppy. So, what if that was the life I offered you huh? If I told you that you could be my permanent puppyboi and live 24/7 as my pet would you give everything up? Would you trade your life and walk away from your job, your family your possessions to become my live-in puppy slave? I'm serious! It would be so much fun for me to train a real-life beta-male into being nothing more than a pup. You'd need to understand that I wouldn't want some half-puppy / half-wimp living with me. You'd have to embrace your new life 100%. You won't ever talk again - not actual words. You'll make cute puppy noises to communicate. You won't walk on 2 legs ever again - you will crawl on all fours like a puppy does. You won't eat from the table and you won't use cutlery. You'll eat from a bowl with your mouth. You won't wear clothes. And best of all - you'll have a cute puppie name. You'll be trained to behave the way I want too - if you're bad you'll be punished with a shock collar. If you're good, I'll reward you. Maybe I'll let you sleep at the foot of mine and Alpha's bed in your little puppy-cage. Do you think you'd like this life? Do you think you could suffer the shame of my girlfriends seeing you like that when I invite them over? Do you think you could take the deep humiliation of being told off and punished by me or my real man boyfriend? Are you really sure you wanna be my subbie-puppie?
Tiger Lily
09/05/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Wanna Be My Subbie-Puppie - #PetPlay