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Wash Your Hormones Down With Cum
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You're going to be our pretty bimbo sissydoll which means you're going to be made to dress, walk and talk just like a real girl and we don't mean once in a while either sissy. We mean FOREVER! You're going to be feminized beyond the point of no return - to the point at which you'll never be able to go back to being a 'man' ever again. Of course, most of what we're going to do to you is going to involve extensive surgery but before we get to that stage you're going to be put on an intensive female hormone treatment. Female hormones reduce the sissy's hair growth, starts to gently transform her body by developing breasts and feminine features. They'll help you talk, think and act more feminine. Slowly you'll notice changes that simply cannot be undone and you'll realise you're becoming a real girl. The thing is - we don't want you to be just a girl. We want you to be a cum addicted slut - a bimbo fuck-pet that's going to earn us a LOT of money once you've been totally transformed. So, We've thought of the perfect way to get you hooked on the taste of cum even before you've been trained to suck cock. You're going to be taking your daily feminisation hormones and washing them down with your own cumloads. EVERY day, you'll put your sissy pills into your mouth, throw your legs over your head and jerk your limpdick directly into your mouth. Squirt your pitygasm into your wide open mouth, swirl it around with your sissy-pills and swallow like a good girl. This is the way we want you to turn into a girl - by drinking down your feminization hormones with your own sissy-juice! It's Perfect!
Becky DeeDanni King
05/05/2017 - 11 minutes
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