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Would You Suck Cock For Me
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I'm hot right? I'm probably the hottest girl who's ever given you any kind of attention. Guys like you look at girls like me and literally drool - you admire and worship us like goddesses. I guess that's exactly what we are though - I'm a goddess and you're my personal worshiper. I'm unobtainable to you - I'm completely out of your league and you know you'd never be good enough for me. So, if a girl as hot as me gives you the slightest scrap of attention it's a big deal to you isn't it? Now what if a girl like me would actually go out on a date with you? Now that would literally blow your mind wouldn't it. You'd be so proud walking into a bar or restaurant with a girl like me. You'd be the envy of your nerdy fucking friends. Even other hot girls would look at you differently as soon as they see you with me. Instant status upgrade for you loser. What if I told you that all you had to do to make that happen is suck cock for me? Would you do it? I'm being serious loser - to have my full attention for one whole date-night all you have to do is wrap your faggot mouth around another man's cock and suck him until he blows his load down your throat. It'll be SO worth it - you just need to suffer fifteen minutes of total humiliation in exchange for a whole evening with me. Will you do it? Will you suck cock for me - literally FOR ME? You get me, and I get to watch you kneel before a hard cock and emasculate yourself. I want to know you'll actually do this for one date. I want to know you'll abandon your sexuality and go gay just to get some attention from me. Will you suck it? Huh?
Miss Bethany
27/04/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Would You Suck Cock For Me - #forcedbi