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You Get What You Pay For Loser
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They say you get what you pay for in life don't they loser? That's definitely the case for beta wimps like you. Real men don't have to pay to look at beautiful women like me but you're not a real man are you? Nope! You're not a real man at all which is why you have to pay hot girls like me for our attention. The more a loser like you wants, the more girls like me know how to extort from you. You want to see my pretty face? Maybe I'll charge you $100 for a few seconds. You want to see my perfect flat stomach? I think a loser like you should pay $200 for a brief glimpse. How desperate are you for more loser? You want to see the sexiest curve of my cute little ass? Only real men get to see that for free - sexual rejects like have to pay $500 for that. Are you gonna pay $500 for a tiny peek of my bottom? Maybe you want to see my tits huh loser? You know what $1000 will buy you? For a cool thousand I'll give you a flash of my cleavage, maybe the tiniest moment of side-boob haha! Goddess worshipping losers like you will pay for the privilege of drooling over unobtainable girls like me. You'll pay a fortune or you'll get nothing at all. Thats the deal you've been signed up for in life. Alpha males get the girls for free - wimps like you pay us thousands. There are 3 versions of this clip - this version is totally blurred out - you'll get to see nothing. All you'll get is to hear me humiliating you for being such a loser. The middle-clip will be less blurred. The unblurred version will allow you to see my pretty face, my flat stomach and my perfect curves - but if you want these versions you're gonna pay for it loser on the clip stores loser!
Nikita Caslida
08/07/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - You Get What You Pay For Loser - #Censored