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You just can't stop pulling on that pathetic little pig tail of yours, can you loser? You've become quite the chronic masturbator, always tugging away, grunting and sweating as you fist-fuck yourself into yet another pitiful dork-gasm. How pathetic does it make you feel knowing that nobody wants to have sex with you? I bet you have a huge collection of well-used fake pussies, abused fleshlights and inflatable sex-dolls to substitute an actual sex-life with, don't you? Well, I think even rejection-proof sex toys are far too good for a pathetic beta-wimp like you. You don't deserve to feel a pussy on your loser-stick, not even if it's made of plastic. Even jerking off with own hand is too good for you! I want you to fuck ugly things. Nasty things! I want you to go into the trash and dig out some disgusting old banana peel, all brown and slimy, and fuck it as hard as you can. Or maybe you prefer shooting your load into a half-eaten sandwich? From now on you will only be allowed to cum from fucking garbage! Haha! Oh, and whenever my real-man boyfriend comes over, we'll make sure to leave you some treats in your trash can girlfriend - our used condoms! Then you can wrap them around that laughable little boner of yours and fuck our dirty old condoms until you blow your slimy loser-filth all over them. Don't look so sad - at least you can feel good that you're sort of recycling your garbage!

Added: 11 Jan 2019
Clip Length: 13m 01s