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How does the idea of being pimped out to men for my profit sound to you sissy? How does the idea of being sent out in slutty little outfits, made to walk the streets in stripper heels and micro-skirts looking for guys to pay you to degrade you? I think it sounds perfect. I'm going to turn you into a place for men to cum and you are gonna make me rich! Every night you're gonna be dressed in flimsy skirts, fishnet stockings, little crop-tops and bimbo-heels and I'll send you to prowl the red-light district to earn me money. You're going to forget your old life - your respectable job, your family, your dreams - it's all gone now sissy. From now on all you are is a place for men to cum. That is your only purpose. You'll be traded in the back alleys of the worst part of town - your mouth will be sold, your boi-pussy will be sold and I'm gonna take every fucking penny. Every time you're forced to your knees and made to suck a guys cock - you'll say to yourself 'I'm just a place for men to cum'. Every time you are bent over and fucked you'll tell yourself you're just a place for men to cum. When you're locked in a hotel room bachelor party - just close your eyes and remember - you're just a place for men to cum. You'll walk home after every shift with your panties torn and your hair thick with cum and you'll bring me all the money you've made and I'll make you admit it to me - you'll get on your knees and thank me for turning you into a place for men to cum. That's exactly what you are from now on sissy, you're not a boy, you're not girl, you're a sissy whose only purpose in life is to be filled with cum for my profit.

Added: 09 Aug 2019
Clip Length: 15m 04s