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Your Cuckold Role At Our Wedding
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Prepare to have your cuckold heartbroken again loser - I'm getting married! Your real-man rival proposed to me last night over dinner and I said YES! I guess that makes me your ex-girlfriend, now right? He's every girl's perfect guy, good looking, strong, confident and successful - totally superior to a beta wimp like you - which is exactly why you'll only ever be a cuckold to beautiful Alpha females like me. So, we're gonna get married and live together in his awesome place but there's no need to worry because there is still a place in our life for you. I want you to remain as our cuckold servant, living under our roof and taking care of all the chores and generally making our lives as easy as possible. You'll live as our cuckold maid, sleeping in a tiny cage under the stairs. You'll make us breakfast every morning, clean the house from top to bottom, polish our shoes, do our laundry and make sure we don't have to lift a finger. We'll be newlyweds after all and we'll want to spend as much of our time fucking as possible! Oh, and guess what cuckold - at the wedding you're going to wear a beautiful satin wedding dress - just like mine to signify your status in our new relationship. You'll follow me down the aisle, holding the train of my dress and you'll kneel behind me while another man takes the hand of your beautiful ex-girlfriend. I want everyone to see what I've turned you into - a submissive sissy cuckold. I want you to truly understand your new position in my life. Your just our cuckold maid - leave everything else to the new REAL man in my life.
Kiki Daniels
11/11/2018 - 9 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Your Cuckold Role At Our Wedding - #cuckold