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You Only Get To Cum When Girled
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Your status has been reduced to sissy which means we need to set some ground rules. The most important thing you need to understand is that sissies do not get to cum like real men get to cum. Sissies ONLY get to cum when they've been girled and I don't mean you can just slip on a pair of jerk-off panties and pump your limp cock until you fill your pretty pink lingerie with sissy-slime. Nah-ha pantyboy. If you're horny and desperate to cum you're going to have to get properly girled. Think of it as getting yourself ready for a special date with a real man. You'll make sure your body is TOTALLY hairless and silky smooth. You'll wear your best, most expensive lingerie and spray your beautifully feminine perfume all over. You'll fix your makeup perfectly - I want you to look totally flawless! Next you'll pick your sissy-gasm outfit. To start with I want you to associate shame and humiliation with your sissy-gasms so you'll wear highly effeminate, submissive uniforms like french maids uniforms or schoolgirl uniforms but eventually you'll be allowed to wear cute dresses and clubbing outfits. Finally you'll step into your prettiest heels and fix a long beautiful wig on your head. You're going to look SO pretty! You're going to spend HOURS getting yourself ready for your sissy-gasm. Once you're ready - there's time for a quick selfie to put on twitter telling everyone about your plans for the night and then it's down to business. You can rub your limp sissy dick through your cute panties until you fill them - just like a real girl. That's the ONLY way you get to cum now sissy!
Jaye Rose
19/06/2017 - 11 minutes
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