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You're Just A Living Sex Doll
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You need to understand that you are nothing more than a living sex doll for the purpose of wealthy men to use and degrade you as they wish. You've allowed yourself to fall into the hands of the Cruel Girlfriend compulsory feminization team and you've been turned into a real life blow up doll. Your bimbo looks have been extensively overexaggerated. Your huge inflated lips and tits were pumped up so much they make you look like a cartoon! Your corset-training has been squeezed you in so tightly I can get both hands around your tiny waist. Your permanent makeup has been tattooed to your face giving you plastic-whore looks for the rest of your life. The long blonde hair extensions bonded you your head make you so perfectly fake. You're a bimbo sex-doll now whether you want to be or not. You are an asset of the Cruel Girlfriend feminization team - ready to be sold or rented out to perverts to fulfil their degrading fantasies. You're going to have to come to terms with the fact you have no free will - you're an object - our property to profit from. With your perfect bimbo looks you are going to be very popular with our clients. You're going to be used over and over - one guy after another for hour after hour. You’re going to be treated like the living sex doll we've turned you into - just holes for strangers to push their cocks into You'll be humiliated daily - made to do the most degrading things for the pleasure of our guests. There is going to be no limit left unbroken. This is your life now - you are a sexdoll owned by Cruel Girlfriend.
Miss Maisie
15/12/2017 - 12 minutes
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