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You're On The Cum Only Diet
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You're not in good shape loser. You may think you are but you're not - girl like me do not want to be seen with guys like you so if you want to carry on following me around like the drooling beta-wimp you are you're going on a diet right now! Kiss goodbye to burgers and fries loser - from now on you're on a cum only diet! Sounds gross doesn't it fucktard - that's because it IS fucking gross! Instead of eating food like every other normal person you know - you're going to be slurping up cum - and LOTS of it too. The thing is you need to lose the carbs and load up on protein and guess what cumboy? Cum is full of protein so it's perfect for you. So let's be clear no food anymore - just cum. The good news is you're going to need a lot so you get to jerk off as much as you like. The bad news is that you're going to be eating your own cum - which is pretty gross. You're going to need to eat so much more than you can produce though cumboy, so I'm going to be feeding you cumloads from all my REAL MAN boyfriends to make sure you get all the goodness and nourishment a beta-loser like you needs. So you can probably work out a routine where you eat your own cum for breakfast and lunch and then we can empty a whole buch of used condoms down your throat for your evening meal? Does that sound good loser? No, it sounds totally disgusting but you're going to do it aren't you? Because you know it's the only way a weakling like you gets to hang out with a hottie like me. It's cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner for you cumboy! I don't care where it comes from - so long as your belly is full of cum EVERY day!
Becky DeeDanni King
04/12/2017 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - You're On The Cum Only Diet - #cumeatinghumiliation