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Your Cuckold Calendar
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Every cuckold should have a calendar just like this. Hung up somewhere obvious so you can't forget all the humiliating things I have planned for you. I love the idea of you having to see all the days marked with the emasculating tasks you dread and all the dates I'm looking forward to. Oh, look on Wednesday I'm fucking your boss - that's going to be so much fun for me and so embarrassing for you right cucky? You'll see him on Monday and Tuesday knowing he's scheduled to fuck your hot girlfriend after work on Wednesday. Then look who's fucking e on Thursday - one of your best friends - can you guess who it is? Aww on Friday your new sissy maid uniform arrives - just in time for you to serve at the party on Saturday… I've been looking forward to having everyone see you mincing around in a sissy uniform. Serving real men drinks while I flirt with them right in front of you. Every single day there's a humiliating situation for you cucky! A cuckold chore to keep you in your place, a new predicament to make sure you never forget your beta status. Let me see what we have planned for you today... Oh look cucky it's your 3 months in chastity anniversary! That's 3 long months you've spent with aching blue balls as I've tormented you with all the hot outfits I'm wearing for other guys. 3 months of no-cumming while so many Alpha guys have cum inside your little princess! You've earned yourself a pathetic anal-induced leak of cum from your device - why don't you fetch you favourite dildo and we'll get to work on your celebratory 3 month milking!
Miss Maisie
22/04/2018 - 14 minutes
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