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Your Sissy Whore Contract
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Whether my sissy whores have come to me voluntarily or they're, how should I put it, a little less understanding of the predicament they're in, all whores are expected to work to a strict contract. It goes without saying that the contract is a little loaded in my favour but girls like you really should be grateful a hot pimp goddess like me is willing to employ you in the first place. Let’s get the embarrassing matter of finances out of the way first - simply put you'll pay ALL the proceeds of your whoring to me. Every single dollar comes back to me without exception - you'll be paid a small allowance to cover makeup, condoms and replacements of torn lingerie etc. If you fail to bring all of your whore tax back to me, you will be fined and punished. The next important condition of your employment concerns the 'uniform'. All my whores wear the same - a tiny black PVC skirt, a tight pink boob-tube under a denim jacket. You'll wear fishnet stockings, 6in pleaser heels and a big blonde wig. You'll carry additional popular uniforms in your slut-bag. A schoolgirl uniform and French maid uniform are often popular with the clients. Next you need to understand your working conditions. If a room at the CG brothel isn't available, you'll have to walk the streets of the red-light district. You'll be expected to earn a minimum amount every night so refusal of any sexual services to any clients will be severely frowned upon. The sooner you accept the strict terms of the contract the sooner I'll be richer and happier - which is all that matters!
Becky Dee
21/01/2018 - 12 minutes
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