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Your Turn On The Mattress
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We have a special place at the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse just for newly acquired sissies that are struggling to accept their new position in life. We just refer to it as 'The Mattress' but it strikes fear into all our sissies hearts. The Mattress is a filthy, cum-stained, ruined mattress - thrown on the floor of our storage room. It has restraints at each corner which we use to secure our sissies before they are left there for the duration of their punishment. Punishments can be anything from a day up to a whole week - it depends on how cruel we're feeling and whether or not another sissy deserves the mattress even more. It doesn't matter how good a sissy you think you are - it's inevitable you will end up on 'The Mattress' sooner or later so when that time comes - you'd better be prepared! Sissies are brought to the mattress fully clothed in their uniforms. Usually a flimsy, satin French maid's dress but sometimes a schoolgirl or a whore. You will be 'O' gagged and sometimes blindfolded and then tightly secured with the restraints - pulling you helplessly into a spread-eagle position. This is how you will be left until your first client arrives - the first of many. You'll be fucked on the mattress until your client cums - he'll throw his used condom on the floor, wipe his cock in your dress and leave some money in the jar. Then you'll wait for the next client to arrive to do something even more degrading to you. Your helpless, cum-soaked body will stay chained to the mattress until we decide you've learned your lesson - or the jar is full - whichever takes the longest.
Jessie Jensen
27/11/2017 - 12 minutes
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