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You'd be the cheapest girl in the CruelGirlfriend brothel sissy. You're trash - cheap, whore, trash. You're the girl we can sell to the roughest, most degrading clients - the girl who will take anything and do anything she's told to do for cash. That's what constant feminization and humiliation has done to you sissy. That's what all the strap-on training and bi-humiliation cock-sucking training has done to you. It's turned you into the lowest whore in our brothel. We charge you out so fucking cheap you're barely covering the expense of giving you a room to be fucked in - it's time we put you to work in the alley.

Sluts like you don't deserve to be fucked in a bed - you deserve to be in the alley with all the other trash. That's where you're going to be traded for cash from now on sissy. You're going to sell yourself to the cheapest clients - bent over dumpsters and fucked in the ally like the a whore. You're going to prowl the alley in your skyscraper heels and flimsy micro-skirt. Your trashy makeup and your bottle-blonde hair ready to be caked in the cum of whoever puts you to work on their cock. This is where whores like you get sold, sissy.

I'm going to put you out into the alley in all weathers and you are going to earn for me sissy. You'll kneel amongst the trash and suck cock all night. You'll lift your skirt for men as they fuck you over trash cans and stuff your panties with dollars. You'll stay out in the cold selling your holes and you won't come back until your whore face is covered in cum and your purse is full of cash for me. this is your new life sissy - my cheap alley fucked sissy whore!

Added: 08 May 2020
Clip Length: 14m 04s