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Dressed-up, Locked-up and Fucked-up
4K HD SD Photoset

Is 'She' a little confused? Did our sissy misunderstand the filming slave application? Well it's too late to change your mind now sissy - we're about to shoot your very first clip with CruelGirlfriend - which means you're about to take a brutal pegging for all our members! You would have read the small print before you arrived, right sissy? It's not like we're famous for our regular porn content - we're famous for our HUMILI-PORN. If you were expecting to play porn star with a hot girl you've made a HUGE mistake sissy?.. well kinda - you're definitely gonna play porn-star but you're not gonna take the boy role! Take a look in the mirror - you're gonna be the girl today sissy! You're about to get your flimsy skirt lifted and your pantied ass fucked by my huge strap-on cock! You're the sissy bottom-bitch in this movie, bitch, and that means you're going to be dressed up, locked-up and fucked-up.

Our members LOVE to see a helpless sissy with her panties torn down to her knees - her useless locked-away dicklette exposed while girls take turns fucking her ass with our silicone cocks. That poor, redundant cock swinging with every thrust of our strap-ons is the perfect detail CruelGirlfriend fans love so much. I guess everyone just enjoys it that little bit more knowing you're getting no pleasure at all as our thick silicone cocks destroy your defenceless ass. The look of total defeat and humiliation on your face as our cocks fill you up over and over again - and we'll capture it all on camera forever sissy. We're in the clip-selling business don't forget sissy. We sell, advertise, and promote EVERY clip we make. We carefully select the most humiliating frames and blast them all over the internet so EVERYONE will get to see your tears of embarrassment all over you face as you're being pegged by Cruel Girlfriends!

It'll be so, so embarrassing sissy. So degrading and painful and you'll want it to stop even before I've started with you but you won't be able to control all the moans, squeals, and gasps of pleasure you'll make as I'm fucking you. You won't be able to help yourself sissy. Every sound you make will be pounded from you involuntarily - just like the sissy-gasm I'm gonna fuck out of your locked away sissy-dick! Oh yes sissy - that's just another little detail our members enjoy so much - an emasculating sissy-gasm leaking from your cock cage is the sissy-pegging money-shot of humili-porn! I'll feed more and more cock into you - harder and harder and I'm not gonna stop until you drool a pleasureless pansy-gasm from the little gap in your chastity device. That's the moment your shame and defeat will reach an end and I'll leave you to stare into the camera. The humiliation of being locked in chastity, made to wear panties and then pegged to orgasm by a Femdom bully - written all over your face.

Added: 27-09-2020
Clip Length: 15m 51s
Feminization Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation Sissygasms Pegging

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