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Pegging You Into A Prostate Princess
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There's no more pussy for you Princess. Never ever! You identify as a girl now - an anal only GIRL! That's right, no more girls for you - no more fucking or getting your dick sucked (like that ever happened anyway) - no more jerking off to too-good-for you brats who don't even know you exist. No more girls ever - you're anal only. You're a Prostate Princess who only gets to cum on the end of a lubed-up silicone cock. That's how it's gonna be and I'll make sure of that by caging you up - locking Mr Puny away in it's chastity prison to make sure you can't so much as touch yourself ever again. The only way you're gonna cum is from getting fucked by my XXL strap-on cock collection. Locked up in chastity and pegged by your Femdom dream-girl. How humiliating, right?

This is how I train anal-whores like you into becoming sluts for real cock. That's where this ends for you bitch. First you'll learn to take super-sized cock from my strap-on, pegged over the bed like a slut until you cum... and then... eventually it will be a real-man's cock stretching you out. You might not believe me, bitch, but it's true. Once you've accepted that your cock will never be free again - and once you've accepted that the only sex you can have is in your boy-pussy - you'll be begging for cocks to fill you up. You'll be begging me to line them up - one after another to pound your prostate to a humiliating sissygasm. You'll be begging me to dress you up for real-men, begging me to find bigger and bigger cocks to rail you with. It won't be long Princess - I promise!

This is the start of your new gay life, Princess. This is where your addiction to bigger and bigger cocks begins. This is how you turn into an anal-only Princess. Taking my strap-on until you cum is just step 1... after that I'll hand you over to a real man to turn you into his Prostate Princess. Making you dress up in effeminate, humiliating uniforms to look pretty on the end of his big, fat cock. After that, you'll need more - more men - 2 or 3 at a time, learning how to satisfy them together - in your ass in your mouth - you won't fucking care so long as they smash your helpless prostate with their cocks long enough to make you cum. You think it won't happen but it will Princess. I know what's waiting for you and I promise you it's a queue of angry cocks... and this one right here is gonna be your first.

Added: 16-09-2022
Clip Length: 14m 16s
Pegging Feminization Bi Humiliation Humiliation Sissygasms

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