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So You're My Boyfriend's Bitch, Right
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So you're the wimp my boyfriend turned into his bitch huh? You're the pansy he blackmailed into become his sissy. How humiliating! He said you're not even gay - is that true?.. That after he caught you in panties you didn't have any choice - that the photos he took were so embarrassing that you just had to keep doing even more humiliating things... which gave him even more to blackmail you with until here you are... answering to me - his hot, bitchy girlfriend who's about to make your nightmare even fucking worse! Rule number 1, sissy... don't get caught! You failed and now you're my boyfriend's bitch - dressed up like a girl - keeping his place clean and tidy while we live our best lives.

He told me everything he does to you - I should feel sorry for you but I don't - it's your own fault. He told me he makes you suck his cock twice a day. Haha! That's so funny - sucking his cock because you have no fucking choice! And all the chores he makes you do in that silly little maid's uniform. Dusting and cleaning and scrubbing all day long while he thinks up even more humiliations to keep you in check. Even more embarrassing things to make you do - even crueller ways of controlling you. He knew you've always had such a crush on me - which is why he asked me to be his girlfriend... and then... he showed me the photos of what he did to you. Photos of you getting used by his friends - dancing for them - sucking their cocks - getting pushed around and bullied by his real-man buddies. You looked so fucking pathetic - I'm so grateful he asked me to be his girlfriend and not you!

It doesn't seem fair to me that my boyfriend and his buddies have had all the fun with you... So guess what's coming next for you sissy?... I'll give you a clue - it's 10in long, made of silicone and I wear it like a harness around my waist while you suck my boyfriend's cock... Yuh-huh sissy - you're gonna get spit-roasted by me and my real man - when he gets home you're gonna give him his second blow-job of the day while I'm filling your ass full of strap-on cock. I wanna see what all the fuss is about - I want to fuck you in the ass and turn my boyfriend's bitch into MY bitch. We're gonna humiliate you together from now on - starting with an emasculating roasting - him balls-deep in your mouth and me balls deep in your ass!

Added: 03-02-2023
Clip Length: 14m 04s
Feminization Pegging Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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