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Pegging You Down A Peg (Part 1)
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Pathetic Sissy! WHAP! Right across your tear-soaked face. My pretty nails swooshing through the air until my palm plants a big red welt on your cheek. Ouch, sissy - all that shame and humiliation - did you feel everyone staring at you? Staring at the bright red handprint I left printed across your face? Can you still hear the giggling, sissy? The girls whispering to each other? Did you see them pointing at you, commenting on how that hot, much younger girl just insulted you and slapped you across the face like that? I smacked your face so fucking hard and stared you down and what did you do, missy? Did you pick up your masculinity and stand up for yourself? No way you fucking wimp! You didn't stand up for yourself at all! Your eyes watered up with tears and you started to fucking cry - that's what you did! You cried you little pansy - you cried as I slapped you down a peg and everyone saw - everyone saw your public humiliation - everyone saw your tears - everyone saw you being submissive and pathetic... and I've only just started with you today.

And if you thought getting your face slapped by a bratty young girl in public was humiliating, you wouldn't have been prepared to hear what came out of my mouth next, right? Are you wearing your most girly panties, sissy? Uh-huh not in a whisper either - no, no, sissy - a nice loud tone to make sure all those girls could hear what I had to say. Are you wearing GIRLIEST panties, SISSY? I repeated - even louder... and you'd better answer me this time otherwise sissy is gonna get a very public - very humiliating panty inspection! Haha! And when you finally admitted they weren't the ultra-feminine pansy-panties with the dainty bows and the cutest ribbons - I marched you straight over to the lingerie store and presented you to all the snarky sales-girls and explained to them that I need to purchase a pair of their most feminine, most frilly, most embarrassing panties for YOU. And when they were done looking you up and down and double-checking my request with a confused 'Panties... for him?' I made sure they TOTALLY got the picture - Yeah, that's right girls, SISSY panties!... for 'him'. Maybe something OTT feminine with lots of lace and ruffles?

Oh-my! The absolute ego-crushing humiliation of being bossed around the lingerie store by all the bratty sales girls and yours truly, holding up the daintiest pairs of panties to your waist? Commenting on each one until, finally, I choose a pair of the most embarrassing sissy panties - the pair frilly enough and emasculating enough to make you blush the deepest shade of red for whoever sees you wearing them - I'll hand you that pair of lacy ruffled sissy panties and send you into the changing room to put them on to model for us. I know it was extra-humiliating for you to hear, sissy, but while you were posing for us, I just had to tell all those pretty sales-girls exactly why I'm putting your pansy-ass into panties in the first place. I told them what was waiting for you when we get home - how my girlfriends are gonna make you shave your whole body, pull up your sissy panties and put on a pair of silky, stockings. How you're gonna hear me tell the girls to hold your legs apart... ''Spread him, girls!... Wider!'' Haha! How you're gonna be held down and fucked in your new panties! Held down by Tiffany and Amy and Megan and Mila as we take turns filling your ass with our big strap-on cocks. Maybe it was mean of me to mention all that to the sales girls - while you stood there, glowing bright red in your new panties - and even worse of me to invite them over to watch the whole thing too... but I thought you needed to be brought down a peg or two y'know?

Added: 29-10-2023
Clip Length: 18m 37s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation Pegging

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