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Sissies Should Be Obvious
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I know it was a little humiliating, but that's what you are now - you're a sissy... I had to be honest with her when she asked - how was I to know she dated you all those years ago?.. I think you blushing the way you did made it worse for you... I thought she had noticed you were wearing a blouse and not a shirt... and then the dark outline of the bra underneath... I thought she realised you were a sissy. Truly I did... I know, sissy, the whole experience must have been mortifying for you - seeing your ex-girlfriend smirk, then giggle, then trying to keep her composure as I continued to tell her how you had given up your 'important job' in the city to become the submissive housewife in our female led relationship. She seemed to enjoy hearing all about it, sissy... She wanted to know every detail... I think she promised not to tell anyone - I know you still share friends so it would be kinda embarrassing if it came out that you live your life as a girl - a sissy-housewife to your new dominant girlfriend... I know it was so humiliating - but it was nice to catch up with her, right sissy?

You'll have to get used to these humiliating little encounters, sissy... especially as that was the last time I'm letting you out of the house in anything less than full GIRLY-GIRL attire. You've had it easy in public up until now. Subtle feminization - girl's jeans, blouses, women's t-shirts and minimum makeup. You've been able to stay under the radar - feminized but not obviously... enough to cause you a little anxiety, perhaps, a little paranoia and a little discomfort... but all that's gonna change sissy. I don't want your pansy status to be ambiguous to anyone - I want it to be VERY clear what you are. I want people to see you for the sissy you are - every time you leave the house to run an errand - to pick up groceries, to fetch my dry-cleaning, to take my mail to the post office. I want people to take one look at you and think 'SISSY!'. So, I'm throwing out all your boy clothes - all the subtle, boring-girl clothes too and I'm replacing it all with BIMBO attire. Short skirts, tiny crop-tops, platform heels - the kind of bratty, barbie-pink, stripper-clothing that will show you off as the porno-dolly sissy-girl you really are.

It's short skirts, fishnet stockings, belly-tops and skyscraper heels for you from now on sissy - everywhere you go. I want thick over-the-top makeup caked on your face, ridiculous drag-queen lashes and a long blonde wig down to the arch of your back. I want you to look like a fucking cartoon-girl - a caricature of a bimbo. I want you to practice a catwalk-model style walk with exaggerated wiggle and your hands held out limply in front of you just like prissy-sissy-girls do. You're gonna look ridiculous sissy - and everyone is gonna stare - and point and laugh and take photos - everywhere you go. Every time I tell you to go to the store or pick something up for me - that's how you're gonna look - like a fucking bimbo - I want you to feel like a total laughingstock. A pretty collar around your neck with 'SISSY' printed on it in sparkles, ribbons and bows in your hair, oversized hoops dangling from your ears. You'll look so fucking obvious as a sissy - you'll never need explaining ever again.

Added: 23-02-2024
Clip Length: 16m 55s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation

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