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Pegging You Down A Peg (Part 2)
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I'll tell you what, sissy - I'll give you one last chance to save your pansy ass from being stretched with all my girlfriends strap-on cocks. Can you guess how? It's just a little test of your masculinity - all you need to do is prove to me and my girlfriends that you're a real man... You just have to control yourself, and keep yourself from popping a tiny little boner in your sissy panties and we'll let you walk away... but if you fail... then it's ''Say hello to Daddy'' for you, missy, okay?... Do you think you can do it? Do you think you can manage to look at the girls standing in front of you, lubing up their strap-on cocks as I tease you with the deets of what we're gonna do to all your fuck-holes... and not get a panty-stiffy sissy? Do you think you can watch my beautiful, Amazonian girlfriends strapping on their dildos and rubbing the thick veiny shafts with greasy lube as they look you in the eye and smirk? Could you watch me lace up my shiny black boots with the six inch spiked heels?.. watch me step into my leather pegging-harness and see me pull the enormous silicone cock into place and not get a boner? Do you?

Uh-oh!... Boing!... I think somebody is getting a little sissy panty-boner and know what that means, right? That's right you little failure - it means you're getting the strap on. It means you're getting all of our strap-ons, and there's not a single thing you can do about it. It means you're gonna get fucked by me and all my girlfriends right in front of the bratty salesgirls that humiliated you in the lingerie store and you can plead with me and beg for my mercy, but I have to tell you - it's not gonna change anything. In fact, my girlfriends and I will kinda enjoy it even more when you beg and plead with us but yeah, it's not gonna change the outcome, sissy. Not at all. You'll still be getting the strap on. I'm gonna make you help me strap that dildo harness around my waist then smear slimy globs of lube up and down the thick silicone shaft of the XXL dildo. And you'd better make sure that cock is super-fucking gooey too if you know what's good for you because I'm not gonna go gentle on you sissy!

Time's up you little sissy bitch. Get your pantied ass into my bedroom and present yourself to your Pegging Princess. I want you down on the bed. One of my girlfriends will hold up your left leg and another is gonna hold up your right leg and they are gonna spread them extra fucking wide apart for me. The hilarious thing is - even though you'll have a terrified look of panic all over your face - with sissy tears streaming down your embarrassed face - your panty-boner will be telling everyone in the room how much you're actually enjoying it... You know how much you'll be enjoying it, sissy - TOO FUCKING MUCH!.. that's why one of the girls is gonna take her pretty, manicured finger and pinch that boner until you make a mess - and guess where that mess is going sissy? It's going right into my hand so I can slap it into your face right before I push my strap-on cock into your ass! Get ready sissy - because daddy is coming in!

Added: 30-10-2023
Clip Length: 17m 17s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation Pegging

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