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Classic Sissy-Maid Meets Hotel Maid
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If only your mumbling made any sense to me, sissy... I just can't understand a word you're saying with that penis gag pushed so deeply into your throat. I can only guess you're trying to beg me not to do this... begging me as best you can not to leave you here - all tied up on the bed the way you are. I presume you're regretting telling me about that fantasy now, huh? You poor thing. I can see by the expression on your face and the fear in your wide eyes that you've changed your mind - you don't want this to happen - you want it to stop don't-cha sissy? Haha. It's not gonna stop, sissy - you asked me to do this to you and that's what you're gonna get. You remember asking me, right? Dear Goddess - I have a fantasy - I want to be dressed up as a girl - tied up in a hotel room and left. That's the general gist, right? You wanted to be helpless? Feminized? Bound and left there - left to struggle as you contemplate your predicament - as you await the inevitable humiliation of being discovered... that's the fantasy you wanted to live out - and so here you are sissy... getting exactly what you asked for...

I have to admit, sissy, I understand your panic right now. I fully understand your regret. You do look ridiculous after all. It will be absolutely humiliating when you're finally discovered like this. If you could actually see yourself right now - maybe I'll prop a mirror up before I leave so you can enjoy your own predicament. You're totally bound - like a true damsel-in-distress. Hogtied - your wrists bound to your ankles - trussed up and totally helpless - the only way you're getting out of this is with someone else’s help, sissy - and it's not gonna be mine so you know... You'll just have to lie there - staring at your reflection until someone rescues you - asking yourself why you requested to be dressed in such an embarrassing outfit, sissy? Why a pink PVC maid's uniform? Why such an over-the-top ruffled petticoat? Why such tight lingerie? Why such high heels? Why such a long wig? Why all the makeup - sissy why did you want me to do this to you huh? Why no safeword? Why sissy?

I'm going to leave you like that, sissy. Squirming around on the bed in your humiliating outfit - dressed in pink PVC with your panties pulled up high and your stockings fastened, and your heels tied on to your ankles and bound to your wrists. You asked me to leave you - more than that - you PAID me to. You wanted this - to be left for the maid to find you. You wanted to face the humiliation of being discovered by hotel staff. Who knows how long you're gonna have to wait, sissy, imagining how this is all gonna play out before that door eventually swings open and the maid walks in. An hour after I've left... a few hours - maybe you'll struggle all through the night before the hotel maid lets herself in. And then what? What happens to a sissy when the maid catches you all tied up like that? You're not gonna get away with a cute Ooh-la-la and a giggle... she's gonna call for help, sissy - she's gonna call the manager - you're gonna have to explain yourself - and that's not just humiliating, sissy - that's totally fucking mortifying - sat in your pathetic sissy-uniform with tear-soaked makeup running down your cheeks explaining how you ended up all tied up on the bed. Good luck sissy!

Added: 29-01-2024
Clip Length: 17m 08s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation

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