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Getting Paid To Be A Maid
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You Sissy! You total fucking SISSY! I knew you were hiding something from me… but this… dressing up as a girl - a fucking maid? Oh - my - god! You must feel so fucking humiliated right now - caught by your girlfriend - correction - caught by your ex-girlfriend! Caught mincing around the bedroom in a little satin maid's uniform. Caught posing and pouting in the mirror in all those frills. Caught wiggling and curtseying in your heels, in a pretty apron and a cute little maid's cap. You look fucking ridiculous! Don't you sissy? You look pathetic! Is this what you do while I'm not around? Is this what you fucking enjoy?... being a girl - a submissive serving girl? Is this who you want to be sissy? Well, is it? Do you prefer being a girly sissy maid than pretending to be a boy? Do you prefer dressing up in short frilly dresses and high heels? Do you prefer the feel of dainty, feminine lingerie against your skin? Do you prefer wearing pretty makeup and having long blonde hair? Do you?... Well maybe you should be a fucking maid then huh?

I'm so gonna take advantage of this situation, sissy. Your shame and embarrassment and total desperation to avoid exposure is an opportunity for me - don't you agree? You're so scared I'll tell everyone about what you've been up to, you'll probably do ANYTHING to keep my pretty lips quiet, right? Even being a maid full time? Why wouldn't you want that? You seem to totally ADORE doing chores in your girly little uniform - why wouldn't you want to get paid for it too? The truth is, sissy, you don't have much choice in the matter - either you agree to being a REAL maid or I'll make sure everyone finds out about your secret feminization games. Either sissy-maiding becomes your actual job or I'll EXPOSE you. I'm going to send you out to work in that little satin dress and all it's frilly petticoats and you're going to earn me money to keep me quiet.

I'll sell your sissy maid services to all of my girlfriends - they'll love to boss you around like a little bitch. Ridiculing you as you serve them drinks and snacks - humiliating you and laughing at you as you blush pretty shades of red from every mocking remark. I'll sell you to our neighbours - have you washing their cars in your little uniform. And then there's my girlfriend, Paris, who owns an VIP venue or two... she's always looking for reliable 'maid' girls... I know she'd LOVE to have you on her team - especially as you have your own uniform and love your job so much. How does that sound sissy? Would you like to be a sissy maid for Paris' VIP clients? I think you'd fucking love it - dressed up like a serving girl while you're made to complete all kinds of demeaning chores - bossed around and humiliated all day - EVERY day... Doesn't that sound better than being a secret sissy... Getting paid to be a maid?

Added: 20-02-2023
Clip Length: 15m 50s
Feminization Blackmail Humiliation Public Humiliation

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