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Sarcastic Sympathy For Your Public Sissy Humiliation
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I know, sissy. It must have been so terribly embarrassing for you - I really did feel sorry for you when the salesgirl smirked as she asked you for your bra sizeā€¦ Oh my... I bet you wanted the ground to swallow you right up, huh? I'm sorry she wasn't at all professional - giggling as she measured you - your face turning bright red from the shame - you poor thing - I wish I could have helped you sissy - she really was enjoying making you squirm. And all those other girls in the store pointing at you as she sent you off to the changing room with the cutest sets to try on - oh that must have felt so humiliating - especially as they all looked so pretty! Such mean girls, huh sissy? I'm sorry you had to endure that - really I am... You were so brave to try on all those girly items and model them for us - even while everyone was making fun of you. Poor you! That must have been so hard!

Those lingerie store girls were total bullies! They had no right to take all those pictures of you, sissy! No right at all!... And they had no right to drag you to the fashion store either. They really intimidated you didn't they sissy?... Blackmailing you with those photos to make you do as they said. Oh they were so cruel! You poor sissy - you had no choice - you had to try on whatever they wanted you to - the tiny mini-skirts, the crop-tops, the heels... They had so much fun dressing you up and humiliating you... That's not OK, sissy! They need a stern telling-off for doing that to you, right? I can't believe they made you wear it all to the salon - how fucking embarrassing! You poor girl... haha! They were laughing so much as they told the salon-girls what to do to you... your nails, your lashes and brows, your hair and makeup. They really did turn you into a girly-girl didn't they sissy. I'm so sorry they emasculated you so much.

And look at you now, sissy! You look silly! Balancing on those heels in your little skirt with your face all dolled up and your hair in such a girly style... You must feel SO embarrassed huh? Aw poor you - and they made you walk all the way home like that! No sissy! Really? That's terrible... you must have felt so humiliated! Was it awful for you, sissy? Stumbling through the streets all dressed up like a girl? Did girls laugh at you, sissy? Did you get attention from boys too? Aw I feel SO sorry for you sissy!.. Did you cry sissy-tears? Crying like a girl from all that humiliation? I bet you did sissy - I bet you cried all the way home - Boo-fucking-hoo sissy! Those girls were so mean to you... And they're making you go to the party tonight too, right? Aw sissy - I guess you have no choice either, huh? I guess they're blackmailing you again? I guess you HAVE to go even though you know they're gonna humiliate you even more! That's awful, sissy... I wish I could stop them, sissy... truly I do. I just hope that party isn't going to be as humiliating as you're expecting. I really, really hope, sissy!

Added: 06-10-2023
Clip Length: 14m 51s
Feminization Public Humiliation Blackmail Humiliation Brat Girls

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