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Gym Simp
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Me and a few of the girls at the gym were thinking about how good it would be if we had a little gym-simp to boss around when we're working out. Y'know wiping down the machines after we've used them, topping up our water bottles, setting up the weights - that kinda thing. It would make our sessions so much easier if we had a bitch to tell what to do. Dabbing the sweat away from our foreheads with a little towel - tying up our sneaker laces - literally doing all the jobs we're far to snobby to wanna do for ourselves... and why the fuck should we anyway?... when we have a wimp like you to do it for us. You're more than happy to be bullied by hot gym brats aren't you? No, you're way more than just happy - you'd LOVE it! You'd love to be humiliated by a group of entitled young gen-z gym-bunnies as we work out in our cute little shorts and skin-tight tops. You'd love to be made a total fool of by me and my girlfriends at the gym - in front of all the Alpha-boys and their big muscles. Yeah you would - you want to be our Gym Simp more than anything don't-cha loser?

So here's the thing. My girlfriends and I, in case you hadn't already noticed, look totally fucking perfect in our cute-as gym-wear. We look incredibly hot - our asses look amazing - our toned bodies, our perky tits our pretty faces and pretty ponytails are literally every gym-simp's wet-dream... and whilst we know the kinda effect our flawless beauty has on feeble little runts like you - we don't like seeing those icky boners poking out at us while we're working out. It's gross. So the girls and I expect our gym-slip to wear one of these while serving us... it's a chastity cage. You can wear it whenever you come to the gym with us - so we can boss you around and humiliate you and be total fucking bitches to you without having to see how much you're actually enjoying it. So when I tell you to get down on your knees and straighten up my gym-socks to make them look exactly even on both of my smooth, toned legs... you won't be able to pop a boner while you're down in that beta-zone touching my cute socks. No - you won't be allowed ANY boners at the gym with us - you'll stay safely scrunched up in your little pink chastity device.

Oh and another thing - when my girlfriends and I go to the gym - we co-ordinate. Yuh... it's a thing. We like to match each other so that we look like a team - the popular mean-girls team obviously, simpy... annnd... we want our gym-simp to match too of course. What's the point of us all looking the same if you come along and upset the harmony huh? So you'll wear what we wear. Like tonight, we're planning on wearing a pastel pink yoga set made up of high waist running shorts, a padded sports bra and a short sleeve crop-top... super cute right?... we'll look so hot... you on the other hand will look totally fucking ridiculous. You'll be so humiliated. simpy. Trailing along behind us with all our gym-bags and towels and water bottles - dressed up just like me and the girls - in tight pink activewear haha! Come along gym-simp - get our machines set up... you'll be so embarrassed - getting bullied by me and all my girlfriends in front of everyone. haha! It's gonna be so funny to do this to you. People are gonna see how much fun we're having being so mean to you and they're all gonna want a gym-simp to humiliate!

Added: 27-11-2023
Clip Length: 13m 43s
Public Humiliation Chastity Feminization Humiliation Brat Girls

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