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A Mall Date You're Gonna Hate
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Are you scared little man? You should be - you should be terrified because I'm planning to humiliate you so bad. I'm going out of my way to embarrass you today. I'm ready to shame you in PUBLIC. Yeah - that's right, there's no hiding for you today - where the fuck is the fun in humiliating you with nobody around to see it huh? I want people to see you getting bullied by me - I want people to see you cowering to a bratty little girl - submitting to me. So you're getting that date with me you wanted so badly - except you're not taking me - I'm taking you. I'm gonna drag you to the mall and lead you around like a fucking simp and it's gonna be so fucking obvious what you are to me. It's gonna be so obvious I'm your Domme - and you're my pathetic, inferior, do-as-I-say slave. Nobody is gonna mistake you for my boyfriend or my step-daddy or one of my guy friends when they see the way I treat you - nope - you'll be seen for what you are - my submissive.

You're gonna be exposed at the mall - shown off and paraded as my bitch - my submissive wimp who I treat with such contempt and disrespect. Oh, and as embarrassing as that will be for you - to be publicly humiliated in front of strangers at the mall - can you imagine if someone you know sees us together. An ex girlfriend or one of your co-workers perhaps - they'd love to know why you're willingly submitting to my cruel bullying. Like when I pick something off of a clothes-rail and drop it to the floor and snap at you to 'Pick it up bitch!' or spill my drink and I order you to 'Clean it up, pig!' and you instantly obey me with a pathetic 'Yes Miss.' haha!.. And while you're down there, maybe I'll command you to lick my shoe - just to show them how under my heel you really are. Worship my pretty shoe in front of everyone at the mall you little failure haha. I'll just stand there laughing at you as I lift my legs so you can plant little thank-you kisses all over the sole of my shoe.

So I'm pretty much ready to go on our mall-date... but you're not ready at all - I mean you're dressed like a fucking dork which is perfect but you're missing some essentials... like panties and a plug. Strip, loser! Y'see, you're not allowed to wear boy-pants to the mall - Nah-ah - so you're gonna wear these instead - pretty, girly, emasculation panties - perfect attire for a date with me at the mall. Pulled up tight to keep your plug secured into your ass while you're crawling around on the floor like a bitch for me. But y'know there's always room for a little extra humiliation don't-cha think? I want you to get caught stealing... something a grown man would be mortified to be caught stealing... like... I dunno... say... lingerie. Yeah that would be fucking embarrassing for you right? I'm gonna make you steal the frilliest, girliest panties from the lingerie store and I want you to get caught - I want you arrested for stealing panties - the perfect end to our mall date!

Added: 11-08-2023
Clip Length: 13m 34s
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