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Chastity-Gasm For Your Princess
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Aw it's just so cute to watch! The desperation on your face as you try to stroke your poor locked-away cock under your pretty sissy panties... but you can't can you loser? You can't stroke it - you can't even touch it - which means you can barely feel a thing - at least not the slightest bit of pleasure at all. You can't feel any pleasure because your poor beta-boner is all locked in chastity and that's where it's always gonna stay. Locked up in a tight pink chastity device. Carry on Mr frustration-panties - I give you permission to jerk off to me. Haha! Kneel in front of the bitchy girl of your dreams and jerk off. I promise - you can cum if you try hard enough - jerk for me chastity-boi!

What are you waiting for? I'm giving you a green light to stare at my cute ass and drool as you look at my hot body, my perfect tits and my pretty face. Watch me trying oh-so hard not to laugh at the sight of you wearing FRILLY panties, kneeling like a defeated wimp at my feet while you try to stroke your cock for me. You're going to get absolutely nowhere loser. You can't get fully hard in that little cage, you can't feel anything but mind-fucking frustration and you definitely can't cum. Do you need me to humiliate you even more you pantied little wimp? Huh? Is that what you need to help you cum in that device for me - EXTRA humiliation? Do you need me to call you even more names? Do you need me to call my girlfriends over to humiliate you too? Do I have to make you do this in front of them or my real man? If you don't want me to call my boyfriend over to see you jerking in chastity and panties you'd better hurry up and cum for me loser!

Hurry up and stoke your cock you little nerd - keep trying to org-spasm because I wanna see the embarrassment and desperation swallowing you up. I'm going to give you a countdown in a moment - I'll count you down from 10 and if you still haven't managed to leak a pitygasm from your cage I'm going to totally fucking humiliate you - just like I told you. I'll get the girls over to make fun of you. I'll get my boyfriend over to laugh at you. I'll fucking humiliate you in front of them if you don't hurry up. What's the matter? Isn't a too-good-for-you Princess like me in a hot little outfit good enough? Do you think my boyfriend would have any problem cumming? Haha! Maybe if you prove you can cum for girls like me I wouldn't make you wear a pink chastity device all the time. Go on - try to cum Mr Frustration-panties. Cum you little cage-humper. Cum or you'll stay in that cage forever and ever!

Added: 20-10-2023
Clip Length: 14m 18s
Chastity Humiliation Brat Girls Feminization Jerk Off Instruction

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