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Four Condom Fleshlight Frustration
4K HD SD Photoset

Good-boy reward days are so exciting for you aren't they, loser? That pathetic look you have on your face when you know you're being unlocked from chastity for a rare, generously permitted humili-gasm just makes me wanna just cancel your fun and leave you in your cage for another month... but I know that hopeful excitement will be short lived. Your joy at being granted a release-day gasm will be snatched from you as quickly as I handed it to you once you understand how you're gonna get to cum. The anticipation that I might make it pleasurable for you is palpable, loser - will I?... will I allow you a pleasurable gasm this time? Will I permit you to make real-man cummies? Will I tell you to stroke your cock to girl-on-girl porn? Haha... as if! As if you deserve to cum like real men cum. As if you deserve to jerk your failure-stick to girls making out with each other. As-fucking-if you deserve a pleasurable orgasm. No reject - sorry to ruin your release day, but you won't be getting any of that..

Your release-day reward for being a good-boy all month long is... Fucking a fleshlight! Woo-hoo, right loser? Oh my god - you're gonna have so much fun. Look at her - isn't she just the cutest? Isn't she the most perfect sexual partner for a loser like you? She really is - you're gonna have such a special time together - your very own pussy. You are so lucky! Just when you thought you'd never get to feel a pussy ever again - along she comes. Just as you came to terms with being pussy-free and denied any kinda sex-life - I throw you a bone. You're gonna fuck a fleshlight right in front of me... which is gonna be humiliating, loser. It'll be more than humiliating - it will be mortifyingly shameful! Fucking a silicone pussy right in front of a hot girl - desperately trying to cum while I make fun of you and laugh. That's extra-embarrassing, don't you think... but it's all you have loser. You wanna cum - you have to do it my way - the HUMILIATING way. And this time around, that means fucking a fleshlight - humping fake-pussy while I ridicule the fuck out of you..

There's just one last thing before you start fucking your fleshlight, loser. She insists you wear a condom. Yeah, so she doesn't want any of your loser DNA anywhere near her so you have to rubber-up... and not just one condom either, loser... she wants you to wear 4!... y'know to make extra-sure your beta slime doesn't touch her. Put them on fucktard. All four! You're only allowed to start fucking your silicone pussy once you have four super-safe, extra-thick condoms wrapped around you unwanted little cock. That should take some of the fun away huh? Oh and don't forget the lube too - LOTS of lube - fill that pussy up with it - use the whole tube loser - to make sure there's almost no friction. haha - this is gonna give you absolutely no pleasure at all is it, loser... but do your best - fuck your new girlfriend for me - fuck her and imagine how good it would feel if your cock wasn't completely surrounded in thick rubber condoms. Fuck her idiot - while I mock you and call you names and maybe the humiliation will be enough to make you cum huh?

Added: 10-05-2024
Clip Length: 16m 18s
Chastity Humiliation Tease And Denial Jerk Off Instruction

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