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4K HD SD Photoset

Hold on just a second - the app is nearly installed... and great... All set up. I can't wait to try this out on you... There we go - activated! Can you see me? Haha! I'm just blocky pixels, right? Oh my god it actually works - - you can't see a fucking thing - I'm totally censored - I'm beta-proofed huh? This beta chip is gonna be perfect for you - that tiny little implant will mean you can't ever see a hot girl ever again. We get censored right in front of you - turned into pixels. No more drooling over girls that are too good for you - no more staring at us - no more checking out our feet or our tits - no more talking to us in the bars or clubs - no more female interaction for you whatsofuckingever! This is perfect - With that little beta-chip installed every girl you see gets filtered in real-time... I get to decide when to activate it from this app... but the thing is, loser - I don't see any good reason for it ever to be deactivated do you?

Your days of looking at girls is over beta - the beta-chip implant filters all girls from your view - real life girls, girls in magazines and girls on your screen - every time you look at us the chip will just censor us straight out and leave you with nothing but pixels to drool over. Exactly what girls like me have been waiting for! Exactly what you deserve too! Wimps like you shouldn't get to look at girls like me. Staring at our perfect bodies, our tits our asses or whatever else beta's like you fetishize about us - our feet - our hair ... whatever it is - you no longer get to see it. The ultimate rejection for the ultimate losers - everywhere you go - all the girls are taken away from you. You'll never get to see us in our bikinis at the beach or in our lingerie at the strip clubs or in cute girls-night outfits in the bars. Drooling over us is over for you, reject. The girls you wish you could fuck are gone forever - the cheerleaders - the hooters brats - the lingerie models - we're all gone - you'll never get to see us ever again loser.

Y'know what is so pathetic about this loser - I know that it's not gonna stop you jerking off to us - even though we're just a collection of blocky pixels to you now. You'll find some humiliating enjoyment from stroking your dick to what you're not allowed to see. Ugh-ugh-ugh... Princess is too hot for a loser like me... Ugh-ugh-ugh... I deserve to be censored Goddess. It's so pathetic but so predictable - you'll actually get off to the denial. That's why I bought the chip and cage package - so as well as having all your visual stimulation censored - you'll get all your physical stimulation censored too - no boners - not even over our beta-chipped girly pixels. Total fucking denial for you reject - such a pathetic way to live your life huh? You cant see us and you can't jerk to not seeing us either... Girls are invisible to you now - but not guys... I wonder how long it'll take before being beta-chipped turns you gay huh?

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