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Just So You Know - CEI Means Gay Training Sweetie
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Why else would a loser eat his own cum if it's not practice for the real GAY thing huh? Why would you be doing it? It tastes fucking disgusting - the texture is fucking disgusting - the whole process is gross and humiliating for you... jerking yourself off and then accepting the thick, icky cumload into your own mouth before being ordered to gulp it all down. Sweetie, that's gay-training. ''Oh but I only do it because you make me do it, Princess'' ... ''I only eat my cum for hot girls like you Miss Monika'' ... Uh-huh - sure you do faggot. Of course you're only eating cum because girls make you do it... It's just another way for you to prove how much humiliation you're willing to endure for me, right? It's not because you actually want a mouthful of cum - it's not because you're imagining that cum being pumped into your mouth by a real man at all... no - it's just because you're made to do it by a hot girl like me... Ok Sweetie... sure it is.

Eating your own cum is so fucking gay - it's the first step you wimps make on your journey to going full-faggot. You just need a hot girl to nudge you in the right direction. A hot girl just like me who knows exactly how to escalate SELF Cum Eating Instruction to REAL-MAN Cum Eating Instruction. Oh I can do that, faggot - I can have a real man stood right here next to me with his big hard cock waiting for a warm wet mouth to push it into. That would be fucking humiliating for you wouldn't it, faggot? A superior, Alpha stud, his balls hanging inches in front of your face. His hard cock throbbing - the head gently pressing against your lips... and then your Princess tells you to open ''Open your mouth faggot''. You'll do it, won't you gay-boi? You'll open your lips and let that man put his cock in your mouth - just because I said so. That's where this is going, cum-breath - this is what will happen if you keep jerking off to cum-eating clips.

Get into position, faggot - legs right over your head and start stroking your dick towards your own mouth. It's not gonna be long before your dick gets swapped for a real-mans. It's not gonna be long before the cumload you jerk into your own mouth is swapped for a bigger, thicker, lumpier cumload from a real man. You're getting gay-trained right now - your being trained to eat other men's cum. You're being trained to open your mouth for cock - to let men use your face as their obedient, submissive cum-dump. You're only at the first stage, cum-breath, but in the end, you'll be on your knees surrounded by guys, circle-jerking, ready to drench your face in their slime - and I'll be right there to prove I was right all along - filming your disgusting bukkake shame to ensure you never forget. I'm right - faggot - and you know it - otherwise you wouldn't be ready to blow your load into your own mouth right now... go ahead - cum into your own mouth, sweetie, and confirm Cum Eating Instruction is just gay-training.

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