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Why Do Girls Think You're A Loser
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Why do girls think you're a loser? Uh - let me think... Is it because you're about to eat your own cum for me?... because you're jerking off to bratty femdom Princesses who are WAY too hot for you - girls who HUMILIATE you and call you names. Is it because you make an icky whimper every time I spit a cruel trigger insult at you. There's literally so many reasons why girls think you're a fucking loser, loser! Because you pay for our humiliation - because you thank us for every insult - because you beg me for this treatment. Girls give you the big 'L' because there's no depths you won't sink to for a humiliating orgasm... because you fucking deserve to be loser-signed! Middle-fingered! Laughed at! And I'm gonna laugh at you so fucking much when your own cum is sliding down your throat. After all the humiliation and bullying and laughter has pushed you over the edge and sent ropes of icky cum streaming into your own mouth - you're gonna swallow it for me and hear me laugh and call you a fucking LOSER!

I'm not gonna be the only girl that gets to enjoy bullying you either, loser... No way - you should be bullied at by ALL the girls for eating your own cum - don't you think loser? Like all my girlfriends should get to see it and enjoy humiliating you for it. All my girlfriends should have the chance to call you names - command you into the LOSER position and make you jerk into your own stupid mouth! You should be made to do this in front of so many girls - all laughing at you, Ew'ing at you, and loser sign'ing you. You should be made to jerk off into your own mouth for a whole gang of brats - mocking you and insulting you all the way to a humili-gasm straight into your own mouth. Maybe I should live-stream this to all my girlfriends - so get into the loser position for them - legs over your head, reject!

Stare at your cock and start stroking while I connect a group-chat with all the girls loser. Jerk off while we all my snarky girlfriends come together to bully the fuck out of you. Keep jerking loser - you're gonna make all my girlfriends laugh at you for this - you're gonna make us all laugh out loud at you! You're never gonna live this down and nobody is ever gonna forget about this - after you've eaten your own cum for us and made us laugh even more at you - I know the girls are gonna want to make you do this again and again. You're gonna be our little humiliation cum-eater - and we're all gonna laugh at you over and over! Jerk it loser - get ready to cum for us - we want to see it all over your face - we want to laugh at you with cum all over your face and in your mouth - wanna cum yet? Do you? Cum for the popular girls then loser!

Added: 08-01-2024
Clip Length: 16m 13s
Cum Eating Instruction Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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