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Eat Your Cum While A Bully Chews Her Gum
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You fucking idiot...You're actually stroking your cock knowing full well what I'm gonna make you do... the clip title couldn't be any more obvious. You're jerking off to me - being a total brat - chewing my gum as I judge you for what you're about to do for me... eat your cum. It's disgusting - YOU are disgusting. Cum eating simps are so gross - licking up your own cum-puddles for the same bratty mean-girl who bullies your step-daughter. Was that what made you wanna submit to me, you old loser? Was it because I make her life such a fucking misery that made you wanna have some of that treatment too, huh cum-breath? You wanted me to belittle and humiliate you just like I do to her?... your step-daughter's bully? You fucking idiot - you're as pathetic as she is - you deserve to be treated like a bitch - you deserve to be fucking humiliated and you deserve to eat your own cum - and that's what I'm gonna make you do - while I brat-talk you, middle finger you, LOSER sign you and chew my gum.

So you wanna watch me chew my gum as you stroke your cock loser? You want to worship me as I twizzle the gum between my pretty fingers and my teeth as you stroke your cock? You wanna simp for me - drool over me - and jerk for me as I ignore you, glance at you with looks of utter disgust and distain... You wanna show me how pathetic you are for hot bully-brat girls, huh? You do - because you're a loser - just like your fucking step-daughter is. Y'know what I did to her today? I took her money and her phone and I flushed her head in the toilet. Uh-huh - I made her beg me to give her phone back - I made her kneel beside the toilet and beg and plead me not to flush it just like I did to her head. She begged me - so I made her lick the toilet to earn it back... and she fucking did it - she licked it just like I told her to and then I flushed her phone anyway... So guess what - you owe me a new phone loser. That's right - I was gonna keep it but it was more fun to flush it after I made her lick the toilet - so you're gonna pay me for a new one - or I'll flush her head down the toilet every fucking day, step-daddy! Keep jerking, idiot.

Guess where you're gonna cum loser? Your hand? Do you think I'm gonna let you cream your failure-slime into the palm of your hand and command you to lap it up while I Ew at you and laugh at you? Do you think I'll order you into the humiliating loser position - make you pretzel yourself so that your dick is aimed at your own face so that you have no choice but to splash your own cum straight into your own mouth? Is that how you get to embarrass yourself for your bully-brat, loser? No way - fucktard - you get exactly the same humiliation as your step-daughter deserved. Licking the toilet - the rim - the icky surface just under the seat - that's where you're gonna leak your cum and that's where you'll lick your cum. You got that step-daddy - when you cum - aim it over the most disgusting part of your toilet because I'm gonna make you slurp it up from there - while I look down on you and chew my gum. Go ahead loser - jerk it - fuck your hand-pussy - cream for your bully-princess - do it loser - cum for the mean girl - cum while I chew gum - cum for a brat you old loser. I said fucking CUM!

Added: 10-06-2024
Clip Length: 16m 37s
Cum Eating Instruction Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Brat Girls

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