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Loser Porn Relapse
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There you were, gaslighting yourself that you were done with this kinda thing. Telling yourself that you're really not the loser we say you are - the loser that hot, bratty, mean-girl findom Princesses just like me have been calling you ever since you stroked your very first pity-puddle to one of our clips. You're not a loser, right? You're not the kinda reject that spends the first and last dollars of every pay-check on humiliation porn. You're not the simping failure who spends his weekends alone jerking off to videos of too-good-for-you girls mocking you and insulting you. No way - that's why you gave it up. That's why you tried regular porn. That's why you tried the dating apps. We were all wrong about you, huh? The pretty girls who laughed at you, sneered at you, curled their lips and Ew'ed at you - they all told you that you're a fucking loser but it wasn't true was it? The middle fingers - the loser sign - the pointing and giggling - they were SO wrong about you - and you proved it didn't you. You gave up Loser-porn forever!

You really showed us, didn't you?... until now, that is. Here you are again. What's up fucktard? Are you back to prove you don't need humiliation?.. Or have you fucking relapsed? Is that it? You even failed at this too didn't you? You're such a loser! We all knew you'd come grovelling back for more of the same insults - more of the same ridicule - more of the same looks of contempt and disgust as we put you the fuck down. You can't live without being told you're a loser by a pretty girl can you, loser? You can't live without being told how ugly you are - how pathetic you are - how totally unfuckable you are. You can't live without girls like me putting you in your place - which is why you're back - relapsing for loser-porn - just like we all said you would. You literally have loser DNA, icktard. What's up?... didn't the real man porn work for you - weren't the girls snarky enough for you? Didn't the dating apps work - didn't girls wanna date you, loser? Who cares? You came crawling back and now you have EXTRA humiliation to catch up on for while you were gone.

I'm gonna take all that money you've saved while you were hiding from loser-porn you little pig. You don't get to walk away from humiliation without paying for it - no way - I'm gonna make you fucking regret trying to escape! So this is how it's gonna go - I'm gonna insult you and humiliate you and remind you why girls all think you're an unfuckable loser nobody and you're gonna pay for every spiteful word of it. You're gonna jerk as I verbally bully you and if you cum your relapse was totally for real, right? If you cum from being called a loser, a pig, an unlovable pay-pig simp... you really are everything we say you are, aren't you? So jerk for me - jerk and hear the pretty girl calling you names. LOSER, RUNT, HUMILI-PORN CREAMER! haha! Jerk as you relapse deeper and deeper back into your loser-porn default. Go ahead, pig-pen, jerk for my middle finger - jerk as I Ew at you - jerk to the look of disgust I have on my face for you. Jerk as I tell you to pay me - as I tell you girls hate you and only want your money. Jerk as I point at you and tell you how truly ugly you are. You wanna cum to this don't-cha loser? You wanna complete your relapse and cum... and that's because you're a loser - say it back.

Added: 04-03-2024
Clip Length: 18m 08s
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