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Emascu-bate Into My Panties
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Caught-cha in the hamper panty-wimp! Hahaha! I knew it - I knew what you were up to the moment you left the room - I knew you were gonna head straight in here and make a bee-line for my laundry hamper you snivelling little satin-sniffer! Ew! And there you are - you face buried in a handful of my dainty panties! I hope they smell good to you, panty-sniffer! Did you enjoy all the aromas from my laundry hamper! My perfumes, my lotions, my shampoo - all mixed up with the smell of my worn panties as you ransacked through all my worn clothes? My sweaty gym gear, my date-night dresses, my sweat-sox, and stockings? What was the plan huh? To sneak a pair away for later, panty jerker? Is that what you were gonna do?

I bet you were gonna take them home with you and rub them all over your ugly face! You fucking loser! What if you had found a pair of my date-night panties from the weekend? Soaked with my boyfriend's cum - would you have buried your piggy little snout into those? Or my panties from cheer practice - still damp from my sweaty workout with the girls - would you have taken those?... It's lucky for you that you found my FAVOURITE panties - the ones I keep especially for icky little panty-sniffers like you... my EMASCU-BATION panties! Oh that's right, pervert, you found the ultra-feminine, extra-girly, super-emasculating panties I use to humiliate wimps like you - by making you jerk your pimple into the crotch right in front of me! Start jerking panty-freak!

Go on panty-pervert - start emascu-bating. Jerk into those panties - you wanted them so badly - show me what you were planning to do to them. Humiliate yourself for me and hurry the fuck up! Stoke that pimple - rub that failure stick, hump those panties and prove to me that you're as pathetic as you look right now. I want you to cum right into that crouch for me - I want you to glaze that soft, delicate, pretty material with your rejection-gloop! I want your stupid ugly face to glow red with shame as you try to hold back whimpers of pleasure and you make cummies in my panties. Do it you little fucktard - show me how much of a loser you are - show me how gross and undatable you are and slime in my panty-gusset. Cum for me right now wimp!

Added: 07-05-2023
Clip Length: 15m 14s
Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation Brat Girls

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