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Exposure Is Your Release Fee
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Y'see - that was your second mistake. Assuming that your release fee would be financial. The first mistake was handing the keys to your chastity device over to me in the first place of course. Submitting to an indefinite period of chastity - your helpless cock scrunched inside that little cage for me. Left to suffer for as long as I decide to keep you that way. That was a huge mistake, fucktard - especially as you thought all it would take to get out of that thing would be a sizeable tribute. Sorry to disappoint you, chastity boi... but I don't need your money. I didn't lock you in that thing as some kind of investment - I locked you in there because you don't deserve to use it. You don't deserve to fuck girls - you don't deserve to wank - you don't deserve to cum and no amount of money will change any of those facts... No loser - if you want to get out of that device - you'll pay with humiliation. You'll pay with chastity-exposure.

I know that the most humiliating thing you could imagine is for people to find out you are all locked up. I mean - that IS fucking humiliating, isn't it? A girl keeping you snapped away in a chastity cage so that you can't even touch your own cock - that's embarrassing for sure. It tells everyone you're a submissive - a wimp - a loser. Can you imagine have to explain that to somebody else?... someone vanilla? You're terrified by that thought aren't you, loser? Being made to pay me to let you out of the thing - that's not terrifying - not really... which is why you're so willing to send me some money in exchange for the keys. Loser, you're not ever getting out of that thing with money alone - no, if you want to get out - you're gonna have to face your worst fears. Exposing yourself as a chastity-wimp. What scares you the most cage-boi? Being found out by the hot girl in the office? A tinder date? A friend or a relative? I know there's a cute girl you know that would absolutely destroy you if she found out you're locked up isn't there? A girl you'd never be able to face again if she only knew...

I'm gonna give you that chance to be released, loser. You don't deserve it - but I'm gonna let you earn your right to be unlocked... you can buy your way out with chastity exposure. First of all, you have to... [SPOILER REMOVED FROM DESCRIPTION] ...After that we need to make your humiliation a little more focussed - maybe that [SPOILER REMOVED FROM DESCRIPTION]... I know, loser - that's a tough ask isn't it - but you'll make it happen if you truly wanna get out of that thing, won't you?

Added: 26-02-2024
Clip Length: 16m 12s
Chastity Humiliation Brat Girls

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