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Get Us A Room Pervert
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Ew! It's you - the nameless cheer-practice-pervert - the loser we caught watching us as we practiced our routine in our cute little cheer-uniforms - you were spying on us, pervert! Drooling over the popular girls high-kicking our legs and shaking our pom-poms - yick! Did you take a picture for later, pervert? Did you? I bet you have me as your fucking screen-saver you little oink-tard. Dressed in my little cheer-skirt - and I bet I know EXACTLY what you do with that picture too!.. or do to yourself when your staring at it! Let me tell you - if my boyfriend knew what you've been up to - following me and the girls around, drooling over us, spying on us, taking photos and JERKING over us... if he knew he'd fucking destroy you! He'd beat you the fuck up if I so much as mentioned it to him. He'd put a dork like you in fucking hospital for even looking in my direction, Mr Nobody.

Want me to NOT tell my boyfriend about your creepy obsession over his girlfriend, loser? Want me to NOT tell him about how you stare at my ass and try to sniff my shampoo when I walk pass you in the hall and flick my hair in your ugly face. Don't worry - I'm not gonna tell him - not if you do a little something for Miss Aurora... Wanna obey me you little dorky-perv? Wanna do what I say instead of getting beaten to a pulp by my boyfriend? Soooo I need a favour from you - I wanna fuck my boyfriend at your place - you see he's married and he doesn't want his wife finding out about the bratty cheerleader he's been fucking on the side so we need a place to fuck and your bedroom - on your bed - would be perfect! Nobody would EVER suspect anyone is getting fucked in YOUR bedroom after all! Haha!

Y'know - if you do this favour for me - I'll totally make it worth your while. I'll let you help me get ready for him - like you can brush my hair before he comes over - you can paint my toes, you can help me into the hot lingerie set I picked out just for him and you can watch me put my makeup on and imagine what it would be like if this was all for you... Haha as if! And after he's done we'll leave you with all his used condoms and a pair of my cheer-leading panties to do whatever the fuck you want with, loser. And I bet I know what that would be too you fucking wimp. As soon as we leave and tell you that you can have your bedroom back - you'll have my panties over your face, one of his Alpha-cumloaded condoms in your mouth jerking your friend-zoned dick to the thought of what my boyfriend just did to me. Tell me I'm wrong you fucking pervert!

Added: 10-07-2023
Clip Length: 15m 10s
Humiliation Cuckolding Brat Girls Rejection

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