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You Can't Afford To Love Chloe
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You love me? That's what you said, right? You've said it a lot, lately. At the end of your soppy text messages, over the phone and now to my actual face. How awkward. You tried to look me in the eyes and stutter out a feeble 'I Love You' only to get an embarrassing 'That's Nice' back from me. The thing is, words are cute and all that, but actions speak louder, piggie. If you really do LOVE me - then you've got to prove it... You've got to prove you can afford a girl like me. You want me to love you back don't you loser? You want me to look at you the way you look at me, right? So you've just got to show me how much you really do love me. I don't need you to say it over and over - I have plenty of wimps like you falling over themselves to tell me how much they love me - what I need is your money. That's how a dork like you proves to a girl like me that they're boyfriend material. That's how you prove you can afford to love Chloe Love!

If you want to be seen with a girl like me, you're gonna have to spoil me. You're gonna have to make sure I look super fucking hot all the time - from head to toe. Being this fucking beautiful costs a lot to maintain, piggie. My hair and lashes. My pretty nails and pedicures. My make-up, my tan - I expect to be totally pampered at the best salons and I expect you to pay for it all. And obviously any girl that looks as good as me deserves to be dressed in super-expensive designer clothes all the time too. You'll take me shopping and watch as I max out your cards in the hottest fashion boutiques. You'll hold your tongue as I rinse your accounts on pretty shoes to match the cute new bags I'll make you buy for me. You want your Princess to look her best don't-cha piggie? You said you loved me didn't you? So you won't have a problem funding my happiness will you?

I'll definitely need an allowance too piggie - girls like me shouldn't have to ask our drool-piggies for cash all the time - and besides all the things you'll be buying for me - I'll have other expenses too, like nights out WITHOUT you, vay-cays with the girls and I have my personal trainer to pay for too... an allowance of a few thousand a week will take care of all this and will prove to me that you can afford to love me. Oh, and don't get all jealous about how close I am with my personal trainer! All the money you spend on me doesn't buy you the right to be jealous! I'm gonna want to stay looking super fucking hot in all my new designer clothes and beauty treatments - so expect me to be spending a LOT of time with my personal trainer, okay? Besides - if you really love me you'll trust me too - you'll trust me even if I stayed out 'training' with my personal trainer all night wouldn't you?.. So do you love me as much as you say you do loser?... Can you afford to?

Added: 12-06-2022
Clip Length: 12m 50s
Findom Rejection Humiliation Goddess Worship Cuckolding Brat Girls

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