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Guess Who's Gonna Be Alone On V-Day
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I gave the girls one guess 'which sad little fucktard will be spending this V-day all alone' … they all guessed right, loser - they all guessed YOU. It's so obvious you wouldn't get a date for V-day. It's so obvious you'd be alone again… just like you always are. We can spot pathetic, dateless, unfuckable rejects like you from a mile away. The runts of society, drooling over the pretty girls you don't deserve. Gooning over our pictures. Dreaming of what it would be like to get our attention... as if, weakling. Aw I do kinda feel sorry for simps like you - doing so much for girls like me - spoiling us with gifts and money, doing stuff for us - chores, errands, whatever we say - and what do you get for being such a good-boy?.. nothing. You get ignored on Valentine's day while we hook up with better men - guys that don't even try. Always rejected - always overlooked - always denied. That's just how things are for you - and Valentine's day is just one big anti-celebration of your failures, isn't that right, loser?

I have a date y'know, loser? Most people do - it's only failures like you that don't have company on V-day. It's only betas that don't hook up - it's only losers who can't get a girlfriend for valentine's day... which is why you'll be spending the night jerking off to humiliation-porn. Stroking your unwanted cock to hot young brats like me running you down, belittling you and taunting you. Uh-huh - imagine for one second that you're the man you'd wish you could be. Imagine the kinda girl he'd be with on valentine's day. Young, hot, and so fucking pretty. She's so into that guy - she's gonna suck that guy's cock - she's gonna let that guy put his hands all over her tight, gym-toned body. She's gonna let that guy touch her tits - and she's gonna let him fuck her. That's the guy you wish you could be - the V-day stud who had his pick of the girls - blondes, brunettes, whoever he wanted, right? Aw but you're not that guy - you'll never be that guy. You'll never have a date - you'll never get you cock sucked - you'll never get to fuck. That's not ever gonna happen. You're a loser - and you deserve to be alone - especially on V-day.

You totally deserve to be alone - jerking off to an endless loop of CruelGirlfriend humili-porn clips. Pretty girls calling you a loser - spitting insults at you - making you stroke and edge to their middle fingers. Uh-huh you can dream-the-fuck-on about ever dating them. You can dream on about girls ever being nice to you - we'll never be nice to you, loser. We hate you. We want you to be alone - we want you to feel rejected. We want you to feel hurt by every mean name we call you - every spiteful word we use to describe just how fucking ugly and unfuckable you are to us. We want you to feel pathetic and inferior. We want V-day to be miserable for you - while everyone else is having fun - we want you suffering, crying with the weight of all the humiliation we're pouring onto your weak little body. Uh-huh loser - valentines day isn't just for hot popular people to date and fuck - it's an opportunity to run you little failures down - it's the perfect day for bullying fucktards like you - it's the best day to make you realise what girls truly think of you - that you are a fucking loser!

Added: 12-02-2024
Clip Length: 16m 26s
Rejection Cuckolding Humiliation Findom

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