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Belittled To A Bulliedgasm
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Reality check - I just don't date stuttering simps like you who get full-on intimidated by hot girls like me. No-way - I fuck good-looking confident, real-men types with muscular physiques - beta-males like you will only ever get ignored or treated like dirt by me. Does the truth hurt, reject? I hope it hurts your feelings SO much to hear me tell you how far out of your league I am. I'm way too good for a beta like you - and it's kinda insulting for you to even imagine you've got half a fucking chance with me. It's rude for you to even talk to me - it's offensive for you to look in my general direction - it's unacceptable for you to even think about me!.. especially while fucking touching yourself - Ew! The only way a nobody like you would get my attention is by spoiling me or by being totally humiliated by me! Or best of all both at the same fucking time!

Get humiliated, you fucking nobody! I wanna see you totally humiliated for me - like I'll dress you up in some sort of super embarrassing frilly-maid's uniform with ruffles and bows and ribbons and lace and I'll leave you with an endless list of chores to complete while I head over to my boyfriend's place to suck his awesome cock. You can polish my shoes, organise my panties into order of cuteness and finish off my homework while I'm getting fucked with your real man rival. You can pansy around in your tight little uniform and I wouldn't even care about you or think about you for one single second! Haha! And y'know what else you little simp? You'll take all the belittling and heartless humiliation from me while I laugh in your stupid face because I'm the hot mean girl and you're a pointless nobody who's just lucky to get any attention at all from me - even if it is to just to belittle you for my entertainment.

You probably actually enjoy me belittling you like this dont-cha, loser? You jerk to it even. Maybe you've had to sexualize the humiliation because it's all you ever get from mean girls like me. And I LOVE belittling you too - seeing the tears fill your eyes as I tell you just what I think of you makes me even hotter for my real man boyfriend. Teasing you about never getting to fuck me - never even getting to date me because you're such a fucking Loooser and then rinsing you of all the cash in your wallet is all you'll ever get from a girl like me. So that's just fine - you can jerk off to being belittle by me all you like - jerk off to my cruel words LOSER because that's the best you'll ever get. Jerk off to being belittle and bullied and humiliated loser - jerk off until you leak a pathetic cummy puddle of bullied-gasm into your pants and give me one more thing to laugh at you for. LOSER!

Added: 30-12-2022
Clip Length: 16m 48s
Humiliation Rejection Jerk Off Instruction Cuckolding Findom

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