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Prove This Outfit Is Hot Enough For Him
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Uh-huh - I think I look pretty hot. Don't you agree? You've done a good job cuckold - I especially love the heels - so cute… I love them - I love all of it - you should be proud of yourself for helping me choose such a hot outfit and helping me get dressed. I can tell you enjoyed it as much as I did. I noticed your hands trembling as you helped me slip my pretty toes into my shoes, how you could barely control yourself as you zipped up my tiny little dress, how you loved being told to brush my hair and paint my nails - you LOVE being my little cuckold outfit assistant don't-cha? Huh? Too bad none of this is for you though, right? Yeah that must kinda hurt - that it's all for someone else. That all your effort and expense getting me looking oh-so fucking perfect - is all for another man to come over and do all the things you only get to dream about doing to me.

I'm having a real-man come over to do all the things to me that you'll NEVER get to do - all the things you wish you could do but I don't allow you to do - all the things a cuckold like you doesn't deserve to do. You deserve to test the outfits I wear for my boyfriends - y'know what I mean, right? Like when you see me like this - super-fucking hot and it gives you a little boner - I know he's gonna love it. When you're drooling over every inch of my body - that you'll never ever be allowed to touch - I know he's gonna want to tear it all off me... such a shame you spent so much on an outfit he's gonna totally ruin, right. He's going to destroy this outfit while he's fucking your little Princess and all you get is the fucking credit-card bill. I know you want him to approve as much as I do don't you cucky - you want him to be happy with the outfit you picked don't you - you want him to enjoy it as much as you wish you could - and when he gets here I'm going to let you ask him if it meets his expectations.

He'd better approve, cuckold - he'd better LOVE this outfit - he'd better love how you've dressed and prepared me for him. He'd better think I'm as hot and pretty and fuckable as possible... so you're gonna prove that I really am. You're gonna prove just how cute this outfit is by jerking your cuck-puddle out for me. Show me how hot you think I look cuckold - jerk for me - I want to see how quickly you can cum as you stroke and drool over you little Princess in her hot outfit. Go on - prove it cuckold - prove to me how pretty I am - how perfect my ass is how perfect my tits look - prove you've spent enough on my lingerie - that you picked the right heels - that my dress is cute enough for him - prove it and make your cucky-cummies for me - jerk for me - jerk to the outfit he's gonna get to fuck me in you little cuckold failure - jerk to what he's gonna do to me - cum to the outfit you dressed me in all for him!

Added: 23-10-2023
Clip Length: 16m 37s
Cuckolding Humiliation Findom Jerk Off Instruction

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