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Read My Hurtful V-Day Card As You Jerk Virgin-boi
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For everyone else it means Valentine's Day. It means a hot date. It means hooking up for sex. But not for you - for you, V-Day means VIRGIN Day. It's a day you'll ultimately spend alone - jerking off into one of my pretty socks - the girl who friendzoned you - the girl you simp so hard for - the pretty dream-girl who just LOVES to use you... and what better day to take advantage of your feelings for me than V-Day, huh virgin-boi? That one day of the year that you're so full of hope... maybe this is the year I see something in you huh? Maybe this is the year that I'm actually nice to you... Maybe this is the year I'll agree to date you? Haha - as if. But maybe this is the year you get a V-Day card from me... that would make your life worth living wouldn't it v-boy? You'd get a boner just sniffing the envelope - smelling my sweet perfume, looking at how pretty my handwriting is. Even that would get you hard. Well maybe this is your lucky year, virgin... maybe I really have written a card for you...

Now... I want you to know - before you read it - I mean EVERY word of it - it's all come from the heart... every word. It took me a lot of time y'know virgin-boi. Like maybe ten or fifteen minutes to say everything I needed to you. I hope you'll love reading it as much as I loved writing it to you... Y'know before you read it - maybe you'd like to treat me too... Like, I know you've already bought me some cute presents n'stuff but that was before you even knew about my card - so don't-cha think I deserve something extra now? Maybe some heels or a bag or some new lingerie and a hot new dress - I could wear it tonight if your like? You'd like that, right? You'd like to spoil me to a new outfit - expensive shoes and a date-night dress? You'd love for me to look good on V-day - wouldn't you virgin? Aw - you're the best - you're so generous with me - you're so fucking thoughtful. That's why you deserved that card, v-boy. Being such a good simp for me has earned you such an amazing V-day privilege!

Oh... you thought that you and I were gonna go out on V-day together?... you thought the new date-night heels and dress were for you? The lingerie set... you thought I was gonna wear that... for you? Seriously, virgin-boi? No way! Are you kidding? No I'm going out with my actual boyfriend - the outfit is for him not you, idiot. Look thanks for buying it all, I know it was super-expensive, but I have a date with my real-man... you're staying alone again... it's virgin-day after all - that's the day simps like you should enjoy spending alone the most... but this time you get to read my Valentine's day card while you're jerking off to my social media pics. You have permission, loser - I want you to jerk off to every word... in fact, what are you waiting for - start now - open the card - I want to see your face when you see what I've written. Open it... read it... stroke it. Go ahead loser - jerk off to what I've written to you - every word - and keep stroking - You're gonna stroke to that card like the pathetic V-day v-boy you fucking are while I get ready for my date with my real man...

Added: 11-02-2024
Clip Length: 14m 55s
Rejection Cuckolding Humiliation Findom

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