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User Seeking Loser
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You read my 'Seeking Arrangement' ad properly, right? So you know the kinda relationship I'm looking for? You're totally sure you know what you're getting yourself into? I mean, I didn't hold back - I wasn't ambiguous about what I want from a 'boyfriend' - I was totally clear about the arrangement... and you still showed up to meet me. So I can assume you actually want to be used. Am I right, simp? You like the idea of being used by a hot Polish brat? You understand the rules, right? You won't get treated nicely - I'm going to be mean to you... like, all the time. It's going to be emotionally difficult for you because you're going to see me being nice to other guys - just not you. I'm going to treat you like dirt - I'm going to be a bitch to you - I'm going to be entitled and bratty and so, so demanding and I expect you to be submissive and agreeable... are we clear so far, simp?

And you're sure you can afford me too? Because I'm expensive to maintain y'know?... Besides the designer clothes and bags and shoes I'll expect you to buy me - I wanna look my best - not for you, of course... for the guys I'm gonna be nice to. I'm gonna want you to fund my salon treatments, my pretty manicures and pedicures, my hair appointments, my brows and lashes - and maybe the odd enhancement here and there. You want your bratty user to look extra-hot when you're taking me shopping, right? You want me to look like a total Princess while I'm bossing you around - when I'm spending your money - when I'm out with the girls and meeting up with my special guy friends? You want me to look perfect and that means you're gonna have to pay for me to look perfect.

Then, there's this - the little chastity device I expect my loser boyfriend to wear for me - permanently. That's the deal, loser - if you want to be my 'arrangement' you're gonna have to wear this and you're gonna have to stay pussy-free. 2 reasons - Firstly, we're not gonna have sex - you're not going to get little rewards for lavishing me with gifts or doing cute things for me - nope - you don't get any of that - there's no sexual pleasure for you in this 'relationship'. Secondly, the longer you're locked in that thing the more generous and submissive you're gonna be to me. It's true - chastity turns losers like you into mush for girls like me - and the best thing is, the meaner I am to you the more you're gonna want to impress me. So yeah - you'll stay all locked up. All locked up for the girl you're spending a fortune on to keep her looking so fucking perfect - hot outfits, big fake tits, long dark hair - all funded by my little used loser.

Added: 02-02-2024
Clip Length: 17m 42s
Chastity Findom Cuckolding Humiliation Brat Girls Rejection

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