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Using Girl-Code Against You
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You've heard of girl-code right loser? The secret rules girls follow to maintain our superiority over rejects like you. So just to let you know - hot girls like me have been using girl-code against you forever - letting all the other girls know that you're a submissive - that you pay up without even getting to the date-zone. That you're a shopping piggie - that you wear chastity - that you're totally fucking manipulatable! We've been using girl-code against you to keep you a VIRGIN! It's true virgin-boi. The girl-code has been used to make sure you don't get beyond the friend-zone by any of us. We've kept you trapped - simping for us in the tease-zone locked away in the little chastity device we tricked you into wearing just to prove you're not gonna be a nuisance! You're not gonna be a nuisance to anyone anymore virgin-boi!

Girls will always totally use you virgin-boi. Once girl-code has singled you out you're FUCKED! You're gonna get fucked over by all of us. We'll sucker you in by being total tease Princesses - making your poor virgin pee-pee twitch in the cage we made you wear for us. We'll change into our gym-wear right in front of you knowing you can't get a boner - making you fill that scrunchy little device. We'll twizzle our hair and flirt with you to make you do our homework for us, we'll say cute things to make you do our chores, we'll promise you a date if you take us shopping... but you're just being used virgin boi. There's gonna be no date for you. After you've finished my homework, taken care of the laundry and the ironing and all the boring chores I made you do... after you've taken me shopping and maxed out another card on me... I'll tell you we're only gonna be friends... just like all the other girls who know about you through the girl-code.!

Don't be sad virgin-boi... After I've put you in your place - right in the friend-zone, I'll know just the girl for you. I'll know the perfect little tease Princess to match you up with... my hot-as-fuck girlfriend Bethany... or Megan... or Hannah. All the girls who will treat you just like I did. Once you're on the Girl-code's list you'll just get passed around like a community simp. We'll set you up with girls who will already know exactly how to manipulate, use and rinse the fuck out of you. You'll find yourself in another girl's bedroom as she's changing into her gym-wear, twizzling her hair and flirting with you and getting you to do whatever she wants. You'll learn to recognise the signs loser - that you're heading for another rejection - another friend-zone - another girl enforcing your pussy-free virginity... but don't worry we know the perfect girl to set you up with next...

Added: 15-10-2021
Clip Length: 14m 56s
Chastity Humiliation Findom Brat Girls Rejection Tease And Denial

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