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I Married You Just To Break Your Heart
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I don't love you! Doesn't that make you feel like such a fucking fool huh?.. I mean besides all the heart-break and hurt you must be feeling too. Yeah you should feel totally foolish, idiot, a trophy wife like me actually loving a pathetic old fool like you? Seriously? When I looked into your eyes on our wedding day and said I'd love you forever and you cried tears of joy - the girl of your dreams agreeing to spend the rest of her life with a beta-wimp like you... you actually believed it you fucking sucker! No way - I just married you so I could put you through this heartbreak. I just married you so that I could crush all your dreams and watch you realise this was all a game to me.

Look at yourself - crying and begging me to stay ''Please don't leave me...'' it's pathetic. You've always been pathetic - working so hard to keep hold of the wife you didn't deserve. Buying me super-expensive lingerie to wear when I fuck the men I cuckold you with. Allowing yourself to be locked in permanent steel chastity so that it never bothers me - safely caged away from the beautiful wife you never even got to fuck. You agreed to everything I told you to do - I just told you they were my fetishes and you went along with all of it - cuckolded, locked in chastity, feminized and even made to suck my lover's cock. There was no limit to the humiliation I could put you through and you were so in love with me you just accepted them all... you'd never have suspected they were all just to blackmail you with.

You're a sucker, that's for certain, but it's not your fault - I'm an expert manipulatrix... and I'm seriously hot too... you really didn't stand a chance. But the fact remains that you are in big trouble now. Not only are you losing the girl of your dreams (because I've never loved you in case you forgot), but you're also starting a new life as a blackmail victim. I'm going to move on with my real man - the guy you 'stepped aside' for when I told you it was just a cuckold fantasy, and you are going to fund our wonderful life together. Our bills, our date-nights, our vay-cays... everything. You can live in a fucking trailer on your own for all I care - and if you refuse... I'll expose you - every one of the embarrassing photos I've taken of you in humiliating predicaments will be shared. I know - break-ups are kinda hard right?

Added: 30-09-2022
Clip Length: 13m 23s
Cuckolding Humiliation Rejection Chastity Findom

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