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Fund Call Girls For Real Men
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At CruelGirlfriend we believe beta wimps like you should live pussy-free. You should never be allowed to fuck girls even if you have the ability to pay for it. Real men are able to fuck hot girls whenever they like - girls they meet at the office, girls the pickup at bars and clubs, and call girls ordered to the room of their hotel suites as a special treat. Imagine having so much access to hot girls, loser, when you get absolutely none. It's pathetic, but it is the life a beta reject like you signs up for as soon as he hits the 'sign up now' button at CruelGirlfriend.com. A pussy-free life. Your cock remains locked up in chastity while your dream-girl Cruel Girlfriend keeps the key around her neck - the price you pay for being a beta. But I think you owe more, loser. You have a debt to all the real men too - so you're going to fund their call-girl treats. We are going to set up a platform where real men tell us where and when they would like a hot call girl and we're going to match that request to a beta wimp like you who will fund it. So, a real man might demand 2 blonde call girls to visit him at his London hotel room at the weekend and you will call the agency and pay for the girls for him. You get the satisfaction of knowing a real man is using your money to enjoy 2 high-end call girls in a way you could only dream of. Your cock is locked in chastity, but he is fucking 2 beautiful girls that you paid for. We'll even send you photos of the girls we've sent to the real man so you can see just what you're missing. You're a call girl funding beta cuckold!

Added: 26-08-2019
Clip Length: 12m 25s
Chastity Humiliation Cuckolding Findom Rejection

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