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I'm Staying Faithful To My Boyfriend
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It just doesn't feel right anymore - I mean, it's kinda cheating don't you think? He deserves a faithful girlfriend - it's just not fair for him to worry about me fucking my husband behind his backā€¦ So I decided it's gonna be best if I stayed totally faithful to him - he is my boyfriend after all. I know - you're bound to feel a little jealous - that's totally natural. Nobody wants to think of their hot trophy wife being sexually exclusive to another man but think about OUR feelings for a moment, cuckold. Do you think it should be HIM that feels jealous, huh? Do you really want a big strong jealous Alpha boyfriend to deal with?... I don't think so - I'd hate to think what he'd do to a little wimp of a 'man' like you if he thought you were touching his girlfriend ... so I guess it's settled, right?... I'm staying faithful to my boyfriend from now on, cuck.

I'm going to show my real man that you're no threat to him whatsoever - which means it's panties, plug and a cage for you - to totally fucking emasculate you. Obviously the cage will keep you locked away so nobody is tempted to cheat. I won't be tempted to pity-fuck you on our anniversary - you won't be tempted to jerk off to my boyfriend's girl or pop a boner every time you see me getting ready for a date with him. The device will prove to him that there's no chance you'll try anything with his girlfriend. And to make him feel extra-secure about it - I'll even let him keep hold of the keys too. Oh and yeah - the panties and plug - that's just to add a little additional emasculation to keep you firmly in your place and to make you look even less of a man to me. My boyfriend is gonna be pretty sure I'd never want to fuck a guy who wears girly-pink panties and a butt plug!

There's one more thing cuckold - my boyfriend says it's cheating if you sleep in the same bed as his girlfriend... which kinda makes sense don't you think? Getting your leaky pre-cummies on another man's girlfriend's ass while you try to snuggle up in your scrunchy 'lil cage - that definitely sounds like cheating to us. So you're not gonna be allowed to sleep in bed with me anymore either - in fact it's probably best if you slept in another room... or better still - in that little space under the stairs. It'll be fun - and it'll mean my boyfriend can spend even more time hanging out here. I'm so happy about this - being totally faithful to my boyfriend is gonna make life so much less complicated for all of us... aren't you happy too, cuckold?

Added: 26-03-2023
Clip Length: 13m 43s
Cuckolding Chastity Humiliation Rejection

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