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Cucked At First Sight
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Trust the process - that's what the experts keep telling you - we all get it - you wanted to be in his shoes - you wanted to be the guy with the beautiful wife - but that's not how the experts matched us all. They profiled you and looked at your core values and personality tested you and decided you'd be much better suited as our cuck. And y'know what?... My husband and I have talked about this a lot and we agree - the experts couldn't have worked this out any better - you're the perfect cuck for us. I mean, can you imagine how disappointed I'd have been if I walked down the aisle and you were stood there instead of him. Seriously - I wouldn't have been able to go through with it - but when you were presented to us as the show's very first cuckold - we were SO happy! Of course it must have been absolutely HUMILIATING for you. I mean WOW - the whole world watches this show on TV and get to watch you being cucked by this year's power-couple... and we're gonna make a total spectacle of you too cucky - all in the name of entertainment.

So how was the honeymoon for you, huh cuck? Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the pool or the beach or the romantic restaurants like we did. We kept you busy - tidying up after us, fetching us cocktails and making us snacks and being the good little cuck we expect you to be. Did you like how we'd be extra mean to you when the cameras were on us - like when my new man put you in your place for lurking around the pool when I was tanning in my bikini. He made you look like such a wimp - ''No cucks by the pool, loser!'' - ''eyes off my wife's body you pussy-free simp'' haha! That's totally gonna make the cuck - they love it when we bully you - making you kneel at our feet while we make out - taunting you for getting the most pathetic deal of the show - the loser deal - the simp deal - the cucked by an Alpha couple deal. And of course - there was all that honeymoon sex you had to watch. That must have been so hard for you - my perfect MAFS-brat body all over my real man's cock while you kneeled by the bedside waiting for your cuck-duty.

I think you're gonna make a perfect couple for us on the outside - like after the experiment... We've been talking about it and we're gonna get a place together and you can remain as our live-in cuck permanently. We'll get one of those awesome fetish beds that have a cage underneath them so you'll be right underneath us every time we wanna fuck. And then we can just drag you out to take care of the cleanup. It's gonna be perfect for us and totally fucking humiliating for you - we'll bully you so much you little cuck - which is exactly what the experts advised us to do - they said we shouldn't go easy on you - that your love-language is humiliation and that we shouldn't care about your feelings at all... which we don't of course. So that's what we plan to do - you're gonna be the cuck slave for an Alpha couple and it's all thanks to this show - aren't you glad you were cucked at first sight?

Added: 15-04-2024
Clip Length: 15m 53s
Cuckolding Chastity Humiliation

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