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BBC vs Locked-up Sissy-cock
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I've got a humiliating plan for you this weekend cucky. I'm going to get my black Alpha boyfriend over and compare your cocks! I already know there's no comparison at all between his long, thick black cock and your tiny, limp white dicklet, but I want to see the shame on your face when you're side-by-side. I've seen all that cuckold porn you used watch with beautiful goddesses, a huge cock in one hand, and a tiny sissy clit in the other. So, this weekend he's coming over and we're doing it. I want to be on my knees with my hands out - your little caged dicklet in one hand, and the weight of my man's giant cock in the other. I want to feel your cute pink plastic cock cage tapping against my palm and then grasp and squeeze your little balls, sending pain shooting through you. I want his big balls resting in the other hand, the hand with the wedding ring you bought me. Just the thought of it is making me wet. How his big cock will stiffen as I hold it, how I'll squeeze him lovingly, reach up and stroke him and kiss it. How your hand will still be in my other hand, caged and useless. I'll be dripping wet, I want this so much. I know the humiliation will be so intense for you cucky but I don't care. My girlfriends won't care either. Don't look so shocked, you thought I wouldn't want to film this? You're such an idiot. My hot girlfriends are coming over to film the whole thing. They're going to film and photograph everything. From the moment I compare the cocks, if you can even call yours one, to the moment I reject yours and push it away and most importantly the moment I turn to his and finally get my lips round it - All on camera!

Added: 05-08-2019
Clip Length: 12m 58s
Chastity Humiliation BBC Small Penis Humiliation Cuckolding

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