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Don't Worry - You'll Shrink Into It
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It's super-fucking-small and I know the thought of your poor cock all scrunched away inside that little device is scary right now, but trust me loser, you'll shrink into it. You really will - after a few years trapped inside this little thing, you'll be half the size you are now - and I'll be looking for an even smaller chastity-cage to snap you into. In just a few years time your cock will be ruined - permanently limp, permanently shrunk and permanently USELESS! A few years of no touching, no boners, and no cumming will see to it, loser. A few years of total denial - totally pussy free - totally forgotten will leave your cock exactly how I want it - broken! Broken beyond repair, loser, so that you'll never be able to enjoy it ever again.

I know this sounds cruel, loser, but I'm doing this for your own good. You've had way too much freedom - you've abused the privilege - and that needs to be corrected. After I've locked you into micro-chastity you're going to need to find new, more productive ways to find pleasure because you'll never find it in your cock ever again. My intention is simple, loser. I'm going to keep you squished into smaller and smaller devices - trapped in the crampiest of cock-cages until it no longer works - until you can't get hard even if you wanted to - until it's shrunken so small it would be useless to any girl, too embarrassing to present to any girl! This process will take years, chastity-boi. Years and years of slowly watching your cock wither away to nothing.

While your poor cock shrinks in it's teeny-tiny cage - what do you think is gonna tear you apart the most, loser? The fact your cock is destined for permanent failure or the fact you only have yourself to blame for this? You're being locked up because of your jerk-off addiction - because of your humiliation-porn addiction - because of your obsession for girls who are too hot, too smart, and too good for you. You're being locked away because you took the pleasure your cock gave you for granted - you creamed your fist to the kind of girls that wouldn't ever give a reject like you the time of day - you took advantage of their beauty, their gym-toned bodies, their perfect tits and cute asses - you used their image for your own satisfaction and now you're gonna pay for it. You're gonna stay in chastity until your so fucking small and you can't even get hard - no matter how hot the girl you wanna jerk to is!

Added: 30-05-2022
Clip Length: 11m 51s
Chastity Humiliation Small Penis Humiliation

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